The Cure For Information Overload

Information OverloadThe internet can be a powerful resource, and an overwhelming one, all at the same time.

Powerful because you can learn anything about everything. Overwhelming because…well, you can learn anything about everything.

With access to all that information, it can get downright confusing.

Mixed in with all the helpful stuff, there is even more that is completely useless.

Then, you have to determine which is which.

For someone who has just made the decision to, “come online” to start or grow their business, figuring out where to begin is a challenge within itself.

It’s no wonder why so many people become overwhelmed so quickly. So much so, they become paralyzed and do nothing.

Entrepreneurship – The Get Rich Quick Myth

Get Rich Quick OnlineSo, you want to be an entrepreneur because you believe it’s the way to get rich quick?

You secretly admire those industry “leaders” you see on the internet, boasting of the monthly six & seven figure incomes they’ve achieved in a matter of months.

While getting rich quick is very possible, the question is, how sustainable is it when your income isn’t built on a sound foundation?

Entrepreneurship requires a combination of hustle & strategy. With more focused energy on strategy, which I will explain in a minute.

The truth is, anyone can hustle and make some money. Heck, my kids hustle me out of money all the time! However, there is a difference between a hustler, and a real entrepreneur.

Are You A Broke Entrepreneur

Broke EntrepreneurHow many passionate entrepreneurs do you know, who love what they do, but are still struggling financially? How many do you see, selling themselves short, doing everything under the sun trying to make a buck?

Crazy right?

It really doesn’t have to be that way. Clearly, there are many entrepreneurs who are proof of that. You shouldn’t have to feel like following your dreams and passion for life freedom, is hard work.

In early 2014, I was in that same situation.

Struggling financially, stressing, burnt out, slaving away trading hours for dollars as a virtual assistant and consultant.

You Have the What, Don’t Worry About the How

Let's LeverageYou know what drives me crazy?

Being an entrepreneur, and still having people tell you how to be an entrepreneur. I get it though…if you’ve found a successful way to do business, you want to share that (or sell it), to others on the same pursuit.

The problem I have is when people try to convince you that their way of “being an entrepreneur”, is the right way, or the only way to achieve success.


Entrepreneurship is FREEDOM…many of us left corporate positions, or chose this path so we could express ourselves the way we know how, the way that is natural to us, the way we feel most comfortable.

Living This Here Lifestyle

life freedom lifestyleNowadays, everywhere you look online, someone is talking about “living a lifestyle”.

An Entrepreneur Lifestyle.

A Simple Lifestyle.

A Laptop Lifestyle.

A Life Freedom Lifestyle
(yea, that one is mine)

The list goes on, am I right?

But, when you hear those lifestyles, or see it…you get a certain feeling inside. Those particular lifestyles are attractive to people. What makes them so attractive is the fact that people actually WANT to live them.

People who enjoy spending time on their laptop (maybe more than the average person), are drawn to the term, and can actually envision themselves – living this lifestyle. Why? Because it resonates with them. They feel connected to the idea and can relate to what it means.

Day 23 – Start Where You Are

31 Days of Dynamic December


“If you have the desire and drive, commit to your dream and start where you are.”

start where you are

It may sound easy – start where you are…but when you don’t have the right mindset and attitude, that can be a very daunting task. What many people don’t realize is that we have all the resources, tools and intellect we need to purse our heart’s passion. The reality is, what we need is already on the inside of us. However, most people don’t believe they have what it takes, so they don’t tap into their abilities and take action.

Day 20 – Patience is a Business Virtue

31 Days of Dynamic December


“There is much to be learned from those who are persistent, patient and productive.”

Patience in business

Too many aspiring entrepreneurs think like this – I need to make money NOW, I think I will start a business.

One thing people looking to start a business, or venture off into entrepreneurship forget to embrace, is patience. They surf the internet seeking information and are quickly bombarded with numerous adverts suggesting the simplicity of becoming an ‘instant millionaire’.

With a minimum investment, you can launch an online business and have thousands of dollars effortlessly pouring into your bank account within 48hrs…sometimes even less…really?

Day 9 – Value in Your Authentic Truth

31 Days of Dynamic December


“Your authentic truth determines the amount of value you give to the world.”


As an entrepreneur, the value you bring to the marketplace determines your results…good or bad. Do you ever notice how you can always “spot” a shady individual who could care less about your needs, but how much money they can get from you? It is our responsibility as entrepreneurs to give the people what they need more than what they want.

The only way to do that is to come from a place of genuine authenticity. By operating in your personal truth. With integrity at all times. Knowing who you are as a person and as a business professional is how you will be able to serve your audience.

Day 8 – Being an Optimistic Entrepreneur

31 Days of Dynamic December


“You can’t be an entrepreneur if you’re not essentially an optimist, so I’m an optimist by nature.” – John Sculley

Optimistic Entrepreneur

Becoming an entrepreneur means so much more than being able to write your own paycheck. In the early stages, money can be scarce, resources are limited and failures happen often. It is during that time that many aspiring entrepreneurs, prematurely give up because things aren’t “working” the way the envisioned.

True entrepreneurs know that without a positive mindset, thick skin, and the ability to remain optimistic…they won’t last long on this journey. Those who are transitioning from being an employee to entrepreneur, usually have the most challenges. It’s an entirely different game when you are working for yourself.

Day 3 – Defeat Failures

31 Days of Dynamic December


“Don’t let a little struggle or a few failures cause you to be defeated. For it is through these times you will discover your success.”

Defeat Failures

How many times have you felt failure? You made a wrong decision, or a bad choice that cost you something you felt at the time, you would never get back. Those times may have even knocked you off your game. Perhaps even caused a setback in your life or business. Looking back during your perceived failure, you more than likely, were able to recognize your mistake.