Get More Clients For Your Service Based Business

get more clients onlineIf you are a service based business owner, coach or consultant, being able to get more clients willing to work with you and pay for your services is a high priority. After all, it is your primary way of earning an income.

But many struggle with finding ways to get prospects to commit and deciding whether or not they should offer a free consultation, or just simply charge a fee. The opinions and experiences vary greatly across the board and are determined solely on how you choose to operate your business.

How Quick Do You Give it Up?

Let’s be adult about this, how quick do you give it up…you know, your goodies? Are you the type to give it up right away, or are you a bit of a tease and make them wait? When the time comes, do you tend to hesitate wondering what they might think if you give it away too soon?

Seriously, you know what you’ve got and you’re going to give it to them anyway…so what are you waiting for?

Wait a minute…you thought I was being fresh, didn’t you? Now, now…get your mind out of the gutter. The “goodies” I’m talking about giving up are your talents, gifts and the experiences that make up your unique position as a budding entrepreneur.