Day 23 – Start Where You Are

31 Days of Dynamic December


“If you have the desire and drive, commit to your dream and start where you are.”

start where you are

It may sound easy – start where you are…but when you don’t have the right mindset and attitude, that can be a very daunting task. What many people don’t realize is that we have all the resources, tools and intellect we need to purse our heart’s passion. The reality is, what we need is already on the inside of us. However, most people don’t believe they have what it takes, so they don’t tap into their abilities and take action.

Day 22 – Mind Your Circle of Influence

31 Days of Dynamic December


“Your circle of influence will either hurt you or help you, choose wisely.”

Your Circle of Influence

If you aren’t feeling very successful in your business or are lacking results, you may want to check your connections. I don’t mean your internet connection, I’m referring to your personal, circle of influence. The people in your circles who have a level of influence over your life.

Believe it or not, the people you interact with the most, impact your thoughts and decisions. Hopefully that is a good thing, but most times it’s not.

Day 21 – Challenge Yourself Out of Your Comfort Zone

31 Days of Dynamic December


“The moment you decide to challenge yourself is when you get to know who you really are.”

Challenge Yourself

Do you give yourself enough credit or do you diminish your value?

If you have started a business or if you are currently thinking about it…are you, or do you believe you will give it your all? Are you doubting your abilities before you even put them to use?

Like so many others, you many not even realize it, but you sabotage your success when you don’t challenge yourself.

What does that mean exactly?

Day 20 – Patience is a Business Virtue

31 Days of Dynamic December


“There is much to be learned from those who are persistent, patient and productive.”

Patience in business

Too many aspiring entrepreneurs think like this – I need to make money NOW, I think I will start a business.

One thing people looking to start a business, or venture off into entrepreneurship forget to embrace, is patience. They surf the internet seeking information and are quickly bombarded with numerous adverts suggesting the simplicity of becoming an ‘instant millionaire’.

With a minimum investment, you can launch an online business and have thousands of dollars effortlessly pouring into your bank account within 48hrs…sometimes even less…really?

Day 19 – Developing An Entrepreneurial Mindset

31 Days of Dynamic December


“Without developing an entrepreneurial mindset you risk falling into a mediocre existence.”

Developing An Entrepreneurial Mindset

Developing an entrepreneurial mindset is something we hear so often, but rarely do we know exactly what that means. We are told to think positive thoughts, be optimistic and don’t give up. That all sounds good, but it’s not so easy for the individuals who are completely new to the industry.

One thing you must understand is that developing an entrepreneurial mindset is an ongoing process. It requires a training of the mind on a daily basis. I make a point often that anyone can make money.

Day 18 – Tap Into Your Gifts and Talents

31 Days of Dynamic December


“Using your unique gifts and talents on your entrepreneurial journey will open more doors to opportunity and abundance.”

Your Gifts and Talents

We all have unique gifts and talents but everyone doesn’t know how to effectively tap into them. Each of us are born with natural abilities. Things we can do exceptionally well. Things that seem almost second nature. If you think hard enough, and pay attention to what others say about what you do well, you can recognize what those things are for you. Once you do, you can begin applying those strengths in your business and drastically increase your potential.

Day 15 – Nurture Your Success

31 Days of Dynamic December


 “If you want your business to grow, be dedicated to nurturing your success.”

Nurture Your Success

There is not one entrepreneur who sets out to fail. We have a dream, we catch a glimpse of a bigger vision and it’s game on. Like many of us know, entrepreneurship is hard…no fluff, no lie. It’s not for everyone, especially those who can’t see anything past the cash.

Real entrepreneurs know it’s more than business, it’s our lives. It is who we are, and what we do, is beyond us as an individual. We have a desire to create, grow and manifest our dreams and ideas, at a capacity that allows us to serve others. In order for that to happen, we have to be committed 1000%.

Day 14 – An Attitude of Gratitude Determines Your Altitude

31 Days of Dynamic December


“An attitude of gratitude will determine the level of altitude at which you are able to soar.”

Attitude of Gratitude

It sounds cliche but it is truth. Your attitude determines your altitude…in life and in business. We all have struggles. We all have challenges. We all face hardships at different times in our lives. Though these life situations, if we let them, can knock us off our game, it is the way we deal with them that impacts our lives.

Day 13 – Discipline is in Your Control

31 Days of Dynamic December


“A lack of self-discipline will yield little to no results.”


In this life, in your business, your role is to simply, do you. From there, and your ability to be your true self, all else will fall into place and align with a greater purpose. In today’s society, we are taught and trained to be everything other than who we are destined to be.

If being an entrepreneur is your calling, you’ve got to not only have the passion, but the discipline to not be swayed here or there. Going with the flow may seem like a fact of life entrepreneurs embrace, but that is far from the truth. On this journey, structure is required,  and self-discipline is imperative.

Day 12 – Your Key to Success

31 Days of Dynamic December


“Consistent daily action for an entrepreneur is the key to success.”

key to success

Is there really a ‘secret to success’? Is there something special that successful people do that the average person does not? Do they have a unique talent that allows them to overachieve?

The truth is, the only thing done differently by those who are living life on their terms, compared to those who aren’t, is the consistent daily actions they take. They don’t make excuses. They don’t allow fear to stop them. They have a vision, a goal and a plan to follow on a daily basis. What they understand is that the key to success is in their hands.