Content Marketing Part 2: Digital Content

In week 2 of the Content Marketing Strategy Series, we will focus on how to create and share, Digital Content.

What exactly is Digital Content?

Wikipedia defines it as a modern term denoting the creation and modification of digital content, such as animation, audio, graphics, images and video, as part of the production process before presentation in its final medium.

So many small business owners struggle with the “idea” of having to create content for their blog on a regular basis and often become overwhelmed.

There is a huge misconception that your blog content has to be long and extremely detailed when in fact, you can produce a great blog post in less than 10 minutes as long as you focus on it being highly informative.

Blogging: How to Create Multiple Streams of Income

Since creating TheCEOMamma Blog in 2009, many of my readers have asked me, “how do you make money with your blog?” because I have shared over the years, that blogging is how I built my entire online business.

I decided to write this post to share how I make money with my blog and have created multiple streams of income because of blogging.

Now, I want to make it clear that your blog alone, will not earn you a decent income. Understand that your blog is simply the vehicle in which you can earn a full-time income if you take the endeavor serious and treat it as a business.

Content Marketing Part 1: Article and Blog Posts

Last week, I wrote an introductory post on the series I will be sharing with you over the next few weeks, about the power of having an effective content marketing strategy. Part One begins today on the topic of Article and Blog Posts and a few tips on how to get the most out of sharing your content.

Tip # 1 – Know the purpose of your article – Before you even begin to write for the sake of getting a blog post up, you have to have a purpose for writing your article. When you are in the process of deciding on your content, it should be attached to a bigger strategy. Determine ahead of time, what the next step will be for the reader – the call to action.

Create a Sexy Content Marketing Strategy


Content MarketingHow can you attract quality leads and targeted traffic to your website over and over again? With a powerful and effective content marketing strategy.

Content marketing is producing and sharing high quality, valuable and compelling information for the purpose of engaging your ideal prospects. Using relevant content on a consistent basis creates more awareness for your brand as well as positions you, as a thought leader and expert in your industry.

Since a well planned content marketing strategy can make a huge impact on the way people embrace your brand, it’s important to take the time to plan the foundational content pieces that will represent your brand to the core.