4 Simple Ways to Get More Leads with Your Blog

Get More Leads With Your BlogIf you are a business owner who markets online, finding effective ways to get more leads with your blog is probably a top priority.

Using a blog to grow your business has proven to be a very solid marketing method. There are many reasons why you need to be blogging for business, obviously generating leads is one.

As a business blogger myself, I’m constantly testing and tweaking different strategies to see what works best. When it comes to applying strategies and using various methods, there is no right or wrong. Rather, what works and what doesn’t for your audience of readers.

4 Simple Ways to Get More Leads With Your Blog

Use an Opt-In Form

Why Your Online Marketing Strategy is a Waste of Time

online marketing strategyIf you are fairly new to online marketing, and not seeing the kind of results you hoped for in your business, you may feel like you are doing something wrong and wasting your time.

It can be tough in the beginning, trying to figure out how to put the pieces together to make your entrepreneurial dream of time freedom and more money…a reality.

You start to wonder about your online marketing strategy (or lack thereof), and what you should to do to change it and make it better.

Social Marketing Series Part 2: 3 Ways Quality Cornerstone Content Helps Your Blog Thrive

cornerstone contentWe’ve all heard it before, content is KING.

Without it, we reduce the amount of exposure we could bring to our blog, website even our social profiles. The fact of the matter is, quality content is a necessary part of our overall online marketing strategy.

What’s more important than posting content for the sake of quantity, is writing a handful of pieces, truly relevant and informative to your target audience, known as cornerstone content. These articles contain keywords and phrases your ideal audience are searching. It’s also a way for you to link back to these articles from future articles you publish for the purpose of sharing additional information.

Content Marketing Part 10: Using Social Media to Share Content

In part 10 of my Content Marketing Series, we continue with how you can use social media to share your content and gain more exposure to your blog.

By Herman Drost

If you’re not using social media these days to market your business you’re limiting the size of your audience. Some years ago if you simply submitted an article to a few of the top article directories it generated a lot of traffic back to website. This isn’t true anymore because the Internet has changed. Many people now use social media sites to interact with others. How can you harness these traffic sources so you can attract more business?

4 ways to use social media sites to distribute your articles

Content Marketing Part 9: How to Use Your Webinar as Blog Content

In part 9 of the Content Marketing Series, this article will share how to use your own free webinars as content for your blog.

Many people who have been successfully hosting their own live webinars over the Internet have been recording their live sessions. However, some webinar hosts may be at a loss as to what to do with their collection of recordings. There are a few different options available for webinar hosts, most notably the inclusion of videos into personal blog postings. Such activity may sound complicated, but it can actually be made easy for even the most tech-unfriendly user with just a few simple steps.

Content Marketing Part 8: Turning Teleseminars into Blog Content

Over the past several weeks, I shared 7 ways to create different types of content for your blog. In week 8 of the Content Marketing Series, you will see how you can use teleseminars as a way to use fresh content for your blog.

The All Mighty Teleseminar

You’ve just done another teleseminar!  Awesome.  You’ve got the audio recording and you’re sending it out to all the people who signed up to listen to it, whether they made it to the live call or not.  That’s great. I don’t always get to listen live to calls I sign up for and really like getting the recordings so I can listen to them later.

Content Marketing Part 7: Turning Presentations into Blog Content

If you have been following this Content Marketing Series, you will have surly discovered by now the many ways you can blog without limiting your content to only articles.

In part 7, discover how using your creativity to create powerful presentations can drive engaged traffic to your business blog.

SlideShare is an untapped platform content marketers are using to drive traffic to their blogs. Consider it like the YouTube for slide presentations. With nearly 3 million unique visitors a month, it may be worth your while to consider adding it to your content marketing campaign. It is mainly targeted towards small business owners and is a great marketing tool for many B2B companies.

Content Marketing Part 6: Create Audio, Create Community

woman in headsetIn part 6 of my Content Marketing Series, you will discover the benefits of using audio to create community  and increase traffic to your blog. Audio is a way for you to provide a unique and welcoming  experience for your visitors.

Adding audio to your website can be a fun way to draw in more traffic and create variety for your readers. You have a lot of choices when it comes to what type of audio to add. The following are a few ways you can start incorporating audio into your website or blog.

Content Marketing Part 4: Using Expert Interviews for Blog Content

Have you ever run out of ideas for creating content for your blog? In part 4 of my Content Marketing Series, I want to share with you a powerful way to use expert interviews to create high quality, high value blog content.

microphoneAs a business blogger, more than likely your blogs audience falls into a particular niche. Regardless of what area of interest you choose to focus on, you can always find someone willing to share their expertise on your subject matter.

An example of this is how my Co-Founder of WAHMs WIN, Donna Marie Johnson, has incorporated expert interviews into content for our blog.

What’s great about this is that you don’t have to create the content yourself, yet you still bring great value to your readers.

Content Marketing Part 3: 7 Reasons to Host Live Events

In week 3 of the Content Marketing Strategy Series, you will discover the value and importance of hosting Live Events.

By Daphne J. Bousquet

Content Marketing - Live EventsCoaches, consultants, entrepreneurs and self employed professionals are always looking for the next client and new marketing strategies. One powerful marketing strategy that is often overlooked is the live event. Live events come in many forms, such as workshops, boot camps, mastermind retreats or summits. Here are 7 reasons why hosting your own live event is essential if you want to propel your business to the next level.