Social Marketing Series Part 2: 3 Ways Quality Cornerstone Content Helps Your Blog Thrive

cornerstone contentWe’ve all heard it before, content is KING.

Without it, we reduce the amount of exposure we could bring to our blog, website even our social profiles. The fact of the matter is, quality content is a necessary part of our overall online marketing strategy.

What’s more important than posting content for the sake of quantity, is writing a handful of pieces, truly relevant and informative to your target audience, known as cornerstone content. These articles contain keywords and phrases your ideal audience are searching. It’s also a way for you to link back to these articles from future articles you publish for the purpose of sharing additional information.

4 Cool WordPress Plugins to Enhance Your Business Blogging

Any small business owner who is serious about blogging for business and building a brand platform know that selecting WordPress (self-hosted), is a wise decision. Especially if you are planning on monetizing your blog and want to increase your exposure through search engines.

Along with using WordPress to blog for business, there are a gazillion perks – in the form of plugins, to enhance your blog experience and provide solutions to make your blog DO everything you want it too.

What are Plugins? Basically, they are tools designed to expand the functionality of WordPress and what you can do with it. In this post, I’m going to share with you 4 plugins I use to help me better expand my brand beyond posts and build my business online.

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog

social media and bloggingIf you are doing business online and you have yet to start a blog, you are excluding a huge portion of potential business, branding and networking opportunities and generating more sales.

If you have just begun your business and currently debating on whether or not you should start a blog for business, hopefully, this post will help you make the decision process easier.
Is a Blog Right for my Business?

If you erase out of your mind what a blog is, or looks like based on the conventional definition, you will be able to understand why having a blog for any business online, is absolutely necessary.

How Well Are You Listening Online?

MegaphoneYou know how it goes…you see this vision and decide to start a blog for your business. You get all excited about selecting the colors you love, designing a flashy background, add your banners and links in the sidebar hoping for clicks and sales and finally, you craft your first few blog posts.

If you are even a little blog savvy, you know how to share your content on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and you probably even know how to use some of the cool time-saving social media tools like HootSuite and Buffer to help with automation.

Now, all this is fine and dandy but the question I want to ask you is – How well are you listening?

Your Blog is Your Branding Platform

Black Woman on Laptop Thinking

Nowadays, it seems like almost everyone is starting an online business. With all the buzz around social media marketing, average people are starting to see how it can help them grow their business with little to no out of pocket expense.

Through the power of technology, purchasing a domain name and starting a blog for business has become extremely easy. From corporate America to stay-at-home mom, lots of people are finding creative ways to earn money from the comfort of their own home.

But is is really as easy as it sounds?

Of course not, because if it were, everyone would be doing it.

Content Marketing Part 10: Using Social Media to Share Content

In part 10 of my Content Marketing Series, we continue with how you can use social media to share your content and gain more exposure to your blog.

By Herman Drost

If you’re not using social media these days to market your business you’re limiting the size of your audience. Some years ago if you simply submitted an article to a few of the top article directories it generated a lot of traffic back to website. This isn’t true anymore because the Internet has changed. Many people now use social media sites to interact with others. How can you harness these traffic sources so you can attract more business?

4 ways to use social media sites to distribute your articles

Content Marketing Part 9: How to Use Your Webinar as Blog Content

In part 9 of the Content Marketing Series, this article will share how to use your own free webinars as content for your blog.

Many people who have been successfully hosting their own live webinars over the Internet have been recording their live sessions. However, some webinar hosts may be at a loss as to what to do with their collection of recordings. There are a few different options available for webinar hosts, most notably the inclusion of videos into personal blog postings. Such activity may sound complicated, but it can actually be made easy for even the most tech-unfriendly user with just a few simple steps.

Content Marketing Part 8: Turning Teleseminars into Blog Content

Over the past several weeks, I shared 7 ways to create different types of content for your blog. In week 8 of the Content Marketing Series, you will see how you can use teleseminars as a way to use fresh content for your blog.

The All Mighty Teleseminar

You’ve just done another teleseminar!  Awesome.  You’ve got the audio recording and you’re sending it out to all the people who signed up to listen to it, whether they made it to the live call or not.  That’s great. I don’t always get to listen live to calls I sign up for and really like getting the recordings so I can listen to them later.

Tips For Avoiding Bloggers’ Block

By Michelle Salater

You have a business blog, and you want people to read it. And you know the best way to gain a loyal readership is to provide content that is useful to your readers, but you struggle to find something to write about on a consistent basis.

If this sounds like your current situation, fret not. Bloggers’ block happens to even the most prolific bloggers.

Your blog content should provide value to your reader. This means you should strive to show readers how to do something, offer tips on how to improve their lives or businesses, update them on industry happenings, or entertain them in some capacity. Readers should be able to come away having learned something or informed about a product or service, filled with knowledge they didn’t have before, or in better spirits because you made them laugh.

What is Your Biggest Business Blogging Question?

Ask Me - Get AnswersInstead of writing the usual how-to post today, I decided to do something a little different and hope you will play along. If you’ve been a part of my circle for a while, you know I love to blog and I blog for business.

You also know that I like to help other woman entrepreneurs learn how to use blogging as a way for them to build a brand online and create income.

With all the feedback and emails I’ve received over the past year or so, I decided to release the Blog for Business eBook for entrepreneurs who wanted to learn from me, step-by-step, how to setup, create and market a business with a blog.