Creating Abundance in Life and Business

creating abundanceI often see people on Facebook post about creating abundance.

As I continue to grow and learn on my life journey, it is something I strive to attain as well.

But what does that mean really?

For me, creating abundance means much more than having money or wealth.

It is a way of life in which I believe, we are all designed to live (entrepreneur or not).

Abundance is defined as: plentifulness of the good things of life; prosperity.

Speaking as an entrepreneur, because it’s who I am..I strongly feel that before we can receive an abundance of wealth in our business…we first have to believe we not only will have it, but we deserve it.

Day 11 – Prosperity Follows Commitment

31 Days of Dynamic December


“Being committed to your own personal beliefs and values allows prosperity to easily flow your way.”


 Far to often we are distracted by the matters and opinions of others. We allow their beliefs and ideas to transfer unto us…even if it is against what we believe for ourselves. People are so easily consumed by the doubtful thinking of others and somehow convince themselves, it’s okay to accept the false truths others place on them.

Why is that?

Sadly, because their is a lack of commitment to self. Their is a lack of self worth and knowledge. We are afraid to take responsibility, and stand up for what we believe in. The absence of personal commitment makes it easier to instead, believe what others believe about us.