shiftThere is a difference between making a Shift in business verses Quitting your business.

Hang with me as I explain…

There are two types of people who this scenario relates to.

It’s those who know the purpose of their business. They have vision and clarity. Every so often, in order to stay within alignment of their purpose, they shift their focus and efforts on activities that draw them closer to their ultimate goal.

They embrace the potential to grow through leveraging new opportunities and relationships.

Entrepreneurs who understand how to recognize when it’s time to Shift, are able to determine the value and benefit of such a move. It is one that will help them do more, and expand upon the foundation they have committed to building.

The entrepreneur who knows the path may change but the destination remains the same, creates sustainability. {Tweet This}

Then, there is the other type of individual. Those who like the idea of being an entrepreneur, but doesn’t possess the necessary determination, to bring a vision to fruition (which is impossible with no vision). 

Because they start an endeavor more so out of desperation, very rarely are they able to remain consistent or committed. They are focused on “making money”, compared to the true entrepreneur who is driven by creating change.

Why do most “entrepreneurs” quit well before they make a profit?

It’s very simple.

They aren’t cut out for the entrepreneur lifestyle.

They fell for the hype.

They believed they could get the end result without all the blood, sweat, and tears.

More people need to be honest with themselves and acknowledge the fact that they should stop playing this game and accept it’s time to quit.

By no means am I encouraging an entrepreneur to give up on their dream, because we know a real entrepreneur wouldn’t. However, the individuals who cannot even dedicate a solid 30 days to one thing, just aren’t meant for this.

No shade…just truth.

Here is the deal…

SHIFT is necessary if you want to experience growth. Not only in business, but life in general. Change must occur, and provoke a desire to achieve greater heights.

That is next to impossible if you are consistently quitting in business, and worse, quitting on yourself. Nothing in life comes easy. We have to learn to adapt, to adjust…and accommodate the shift, that must take place at different stages in business, to push us to the next level.

So, there is a difference my friend.

Between shifting and quitting.

It won’t always be easy…but it is always necessary.

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”
~ Martin Luther King, Jr.


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Shifting vs. Quitting in Business

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