Setting Goals with IntentionThe last month of the year is a time many entrepreneurs and small business owners look over their accomplishments, and reflect upon their business, good and bad.

It’s also a time when we begin to dream bigger, and envision a higher level of success. We set goals for the new year and get our newly designed plans in place.

Though we have these plans and goals, sadly, some of us won’t achieve them and will find ourselves in the exact same situation we were in, last year.

Have you ever fallen short when it comes to reaching a goal?

We all have.

Looking back over my business, I can say that those times I “missed the mark”, are the times my goals weren’t backed with a solid intention.

Earlier this week, I sent an email to my community, sharing my vision and goal of helping 300 women and moms, create financial freedom in the New Year.

It’s a pretty big goal, I know. Will I achieve it?

Yes I will!

Creating Goals That You Will Achieve

You may be wondering, “hmm, how can you be so sure you will reach your goal?”

That’s a valid question. My answer is, I know I will achieve my goal because it was set with an intentional outcome. It was well thought out, created with a purpose, along with deliberate steps I must put into action.

The only thing needed for me to succeed is my commitment and persistence.

How about you?

Have you set a goal with intention? Do you know what you need and must do to achieve it? Are you prepared mentally and physically to move accordingly?

Let 2014 be a year of financial breakthrough for you. Be intentional in all that you do, not just in business but in your life as well.

Success can only be achieved when there is a clear path and plan to follow. Take time today to envision your life the way you want to live it. Being purposeful will allow you to live on your terms. Isn’t that what we all want!

If you are ready to be intentional in 2014, commit to change, and get in position for increase…I’m extending an invitation to you, to join me on this journey to creating your dream life. Click Here to get more details and see how I can help you in the New Year!


Setting Goals With Intention

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