31 Days of Dynamic December


“Renew your mind and renew your vision during your time in self-reflection.”


It’s important to take time out for self-reflection. Though we should do it often, the end of the year is always a good time, since most people are off because of the holiday season. Make an effort to have some alone moments and just be quiet. Look back over the past few months and year…

Think upon your successes. The positive experiences you’ve had. How you felt during each one. What goals have you achieved? What did you enjoy the most?

Going forward…think about how you can incorporate more of those positive events in your life and business. What can you do more of to make it happen?

Reality is, everything is not all perfect. Every one of us has setbacks and lessons we learn as what not to do. We must also use our time to assess our mistakes during self-reflection. If we don’t, we miss valuable opportunities to grow mentally, even strategically.

What was one situation that you may have wished, never happened? What is something you vowed you would never do again? Being completely honest with yourself, assess why things didn’t go the way you planned (or didn’t plan). Acknowledge and except responsibility for your personal actions.

The only way to avoid those things from happening again is to understand what you did, or did not do, that caused an unfavorable outcome.

The point is, make a conscious effort to just be…get in your own head. During self-reflection, you’d be surprised at the amount of clarity and focus you will discover when you look back, that will help you with moving forward!

The value of self-reflection, mindset and personal development will help you create a life of freedom. For more, click here to grab your complimentary ebook when you subscribe.


Day 26 – Renew Your Vision During Self-Reflection

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