How many times have you questioned or wondered why you were experiencing the things that were going on in your life? It may feel like turmoil, it could be negativity, or any combination of challenges.

What you have been doing up until this point may seem like it is no longer serving the original purpose. You may be feeling a shift in direction…but for one reason or other, you are hesitant. Perhaps even resistant all together.

During the first half of this year, that is exactly what I was going through. It was my season for transition. Even though I didn’t quite recognize it at first, it became clear after I gave myself some time to process.

If you are realizing that you may be in your own personal, season of transition…watch this video by Tyrese. There is a powerful message that I believe can change things for you. I will warn you that there are a few swears, but don’t let that distract you from hearing what should be heard.


Is this your season to transition?



Is This Your Season To Transition?
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