Over PlanningAre you one of the many entrepreneurs who started a business months ago, but are still planning your next business move? Still planning that strategy to reach your first, or next goal and then…planning how you are going to make it happen?

Of course, we have to create our road map to success. We have to have something in place that will guide us. However, a lot of entrepreneurs waste time and energy over planning, that they forget to do the most important task…execution.

This is self-sabotage at it’s finest!

Ask me how I know…

By nature, I’m a very organized and detailed person. I used to deal with being a perfectionist and really struggled with over planning. So much so, I barely got things done. I would spend hour upon hour being busy…but not very productive at all.

Avoid Falling into Over Planning

It can be a challenge in the beginning, but the very first thing you will need to do is get serious with yourself and make a firm decision to have FOCUS. You have to learn to develop your mindset and become more aware of the things you are doing.

Just Do It

If you are saying, that’s easier said than done…you are already over planning in your head…lol. Make a quick list of the tasks you need to do today…and just do it. Get out of your comfort zone and do things differently.

Schedule Your Work

Most people wouldn’t spend an extra second at their job if they didn’t have to. At work, you have a set schedule and you perform your duties during your assigned hours. Do the same for your business activities. Schedule hours in your day that you will work. If you don’t work your business…your business can’t pay you.

Set Deadlines

If you start planning your goals and never have deadlines, it makes it that much harder to accomplish. There is no sense of urgency and before you know it, half the year is gone and you haven’t hit any milestones. Be clear and specific so your goals are attainable.


Without self-discipline, it’s hard for some entrepreneurs to be accountable to themselves (something we must work on daily). So, consider having an accountability partner. This person should be someone you trust, who will hold you to your word, and not let you make excuses. Knowing that another entrepreneur is available to keep you on track, can really help.

The Real Problem Is…

Over planning is a distraction. You cannot continuously worry or stress over how people are going to embrace your idea or your vision. Be realistic, know ahead of time everyone is not going to be so accepting. Most times, it is those who’s support we want, that don’t support us at all.

Well, toughen up!

It’s business…never personal. If you want to build a thriving empire, if you want to be successful, if you want to be self-reliant by the works of your own hands…you’ve got to get out of your own way! Stop over planning and DO what has to be done.

Remember, it’s better to fall your way forward than to never move forward at all.

Have you ever been stuck in the over planning phase? What did you do to overcome? Share in the comments below…



Avoid Getting Stuck in Over Planning
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