slow and steadySome people start a home based network marketing business and choose the slow and steady path. Yet others dive in and go hard and fast…which is better?

Well, in my opinion it’s a matter of preference.

I’ve been on both sides of the fence and can say, in my experience, slow and steady will win the race…eventually. But the question is, why wait?

Most people I talk to who are ready to start in network marketing want to start making money quickly. However, the majority of them start pretty slow.

Why is that?

Perhaps they lack the confidence to go full force.

Maybe they aren’t ready because they haven’t been trained.

Or they could be too busy…maybe?!?

If you root for the Slow And Steady route…

To be honest, it concerns me.

You start a business for a reason, usually it’s because you want more time, money or personal freedom. Do you realize that going slow makes achieving your reason why, even longer?

Can you see that going slow decreases your momentum? Faster actions create faster results.

What would happen if  for your first 30 days in your business, you got super focused and just put the pedal to the metal? What could that do for you financially? Think of the foundation you would have created for yourself. Think of the leadership you will have displayed to your team.

Imagine having a group of individuals inspired by your drive. Do you see how motivating that is to others?

Realistically, people who choose the slow and steady pace quit more than those who go hard and fast. Simply because they aren’t getting the results they’d hoped for. I see it all the time.

Going hard and fast

You set the pace from the very beginning. You create a culture within your team. It keeps most people who join you, motivated and on their toes. (Nobody wants to get left behind.)

Not only will this help you build your skills, but it will boost your confidence and more than likely, qualify you for your companies bonuses.

There is always a learning curve when starting something new. But when you commit to the work and are open to being coached and trained by your leadership team…you will experience success at a much quicker rate!

What it all boils down to is that there is really no right or wrong answer when it comes to building your network marketing business. How quickly or slow you move is your preference based on your personal goals.

Business Builders

Entrepreneurs usually understand the benefit of starting strong, creating momentum from the start and working with a team of equally driven individuals.

Business builders generally have a great mind for leadership and are ready to build big from day one.

What about you? What’s your preference…slow and steady or fast and hard? Share in the comments below.


Network Marketing: Does Slow And Steady Win The Race?

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