Network Marketing Secret AgentLet me paint the picture…

One day, you stumbled upon a product or service that caught your attention.

You start doing some research on it, and become really interested in trying it out.

If you didn’t first hear about it from a family member or friend, at this point you realize the only way to get your hands on this particular product, is from an Independent Rep or Distributor (that’s code for Network Marketer…yikes!)

Now, you’re in your feelings. You know for a fact, you are not a sales person, so you make a personal vow that no matter what, you will NOT be convinced to sell anything…

But, you really want to try it. So, you get back to the person who shared it with you, and after talking with them, they inform you of the benefits of becoming a distributor too.

You think about it, and decide to just go ahead and do it. Besides, you don’t have to tell anyone, you can just try the product for yourself, save some money on future purchases, and if you really end up liking it, heck…you could see yourself telling your grandma or your bestie…and earn a little extra cash!

But what happens next goes against every ounce of your personal beliefs…

You really love the product or service. In fact, you are getting some results and you are actually…excited about it!

WOW! You start to feel overcome with this strange urge to actually want to (gulp…) share it.

Naturally, you tell your family first. They support you and become your first couple of customers. Automatic confident boost..right? You are thrilled and share the news with your Sponsor. She’s excited for you, and encourages you to tell more people…like, actual people not related. After all, you are a distributor now.

But wait…reality sets in.

You know you can’t actually…TELL people.

You have a real job. You’re a professional…(insert your career title here).

What would your co-workers and clients think of you? What would they say? You of all people, being involved with one of those, Network Marketing things…(aren’t those a pyramid?)

What do you do next?

You decide to come up with an elaborate plan…and become a Network Marketing Secret Agent!

Even though you love your products, you’ve fallen in love with your company and its vision to impact lives through the products and services they offer, but…you can’t get over the idea of being a network marketer.

You watch your team members sharing their results all over social media. You see them celebrating company accomplishments as they help other people find freedom with your companies opportunity.

Deep down, you wish you could do it too…but, you can’t because you chose to be a secret agent. You convince yourself it was the right decision for you. After all, you have a reputation to maintain. You couldn’t imagine what your co-workers, or your Facebook friends would think of you if they knew about your moonlighting as a…network marketer.

My friend, if you are a network marketing secret agent, how long will you allow other people to dictate your success?

Time To Come Out Of Hiding

Granted, you may have joined your company only to try the product. But at some point, your mind opened up to the possibilities. You see other people achieving financial freedom. You see them living a lifestyle you dream of. You see them getting back the time they once didn’t have, to do the things they love.

You can have the same thing.

You just have to make a decision, that supports YOU and your FAMILY.

Other peoples opinion of what you do to earn extra income is none of your business. Who cares what they think. Are they paying your bills or funding your lifestyle? If not, let them think or say what they want.

Be proud of your decision to choose a career in network marketing, and partner with your company. You have chosen a position that provides you with an opportunity to not only change your life, but others who perhaps, are in the same situation as you.

There doesn’t have to be anything sleazy, salesy, or spammy about what you do. You are an individual. If you have integrity, you can operate in that, to build your business. You are the boss, and can help people in the way you see fit.

Moving Forward

Stay plugged into your company training, and your upline team training. Follow the system that’s in place for you. Get comfortable communicating with people. Learn to network and build relationships with people.

In this industry, one thing holds true – “The best project you will ever work on is you.”

Personal development is a necessary habit you must work on daily. You’ve got to be willing to learn how to master your mindset to be successful.

Immerse yourself in audios, videos and books that will help you grow. An excellent book for new network marketers is called, Your First Year in Network Marketing. You can download a free copy, here.

You will also want to check out these 7 ways to build your home based business, I’m sure you will find it very helpful.

Now that you are ready to drop the mask, retire your secret agent badge, and walk with your head held high…go out there and represent your company with pride, so you can make a difference in someone’s life today!


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