Women in Network Marketing IndustryYou’ve heard it before, Network Marketing, Direct Sales, MLM, Opportunity…Scam, Pyramid Scheme. Just a few common names used to define a home based business opportunity by individuals and skeptics alike.

There happens to be a great misconception surrounding the Network Marketing industry. Primarily due to lack of understanding, or even pure ignorance. However, despite what you may have heard, Network Marketing is in fact, a legitimate home based business model.

The MLM Scam…

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are some companies out there passing themselves off as reputable which gives the other solid companies, a bad reputation. The easiest way to recognize a true pyramid scheme is not based on the triangular structure, but if there is an actual product or service being sold.

You should still do your due diligence since more modern schemes have some sort of “product” to disguise its money game. Even so, most of the companies are legit. Check out the Direct Selling Association and Better Business Bureau and do research on a company.

Why Start A Network Marketing Business?

Warren Buffett, Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, and Bill Gates, ALL endorse Network Marketing. WHY? Because they know it is a proven business plan for average individuals to achieve time and financial freedom!

1.Work from home. As a mom, my highest priority is my family. In 2002, I was first introduced to this industry and immediately fell in love with the fact that I could work at home and create my own income. I chose a home based Network Marketing business so that I could be with my kids and still match and exceed, the pay from my job.

2.Create long term wealth. You have the ability to leverage your time, efforts and earn a steadily increasing income by helping others do the same. This is the concept of Network Marketing. It just makes sense, “I would rather make 1 percent on the efforts of 100 people than 100 percent on my own efforts.” – J. Paul Getty

3.Ready to go business. Unlike a traditional start-up, you have a fully, set up business from the door. The systems are in place, the products or services are market tested and the tools and training needed to succeed, are all provided for you.

4.Residual income. In this industry, we have the ability to get paid over and over for work we do one time. It just makes sense, don’t you think?

Don’t get me wrong, Network Marketing is a business. Just like any business, it only works when you do. Your work ethic and self motivation are definitely needed to be successful. But, anything worth having is worth working for and I don’t know about you, but my TIME means everything to me and I want time, with my children.

If you want to learn more about network marketing, or understand the industry as a whole, a great quick and informative read I suggest, The Four Year Career by Richard B. Brooke.

So, as you wonder…WHY network marketing, I say…WHY NOT?



Is Network Marketing For You?

2 thoughts on “Is Network Marketing For You?

  • 05/14/2014 at 12:21 PM

    I have been in network marketing for about 7 years as a Tastefully Simple consultant and I love it. It has given me extra income and flexibility. I chose a company that I knew I would use all the time, being that I love food, have a food blog and love to cook, I chose TS.

    • 05/14/2014 at 4:58 PM

      That’s awesome Kimberlee, thanks for sharing! One of the things I love of about a network marketing business is the flexibility too!


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