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The Story of My Life - Marketing Her Way, Tamyka WashingtonI hear ALL the time, “you should write a book about your journey.” Folks want to know how I got started working from home and how I work from home while being a wife and mom to seven kids.

Believe me, I could very well right a book. I’ve been through a lot in my life and had to overcome even more.

I’ve thought about writing a book. Sharing my past, how my upbringing inspired my life choices and decisions. What made me become a complete outcast and “black sheep” of my family for choosing to ignore and dismiss the life they had planned for me.

Instead, I chose the journey to entrepreneurship, stepping out on faith and pursing the passion and purpose that was created within my soul.

We all have a story, I know this. But the beautiful thing is, there are none exactly the same. Though our stories may be similar, mine is not yours…and that’s what makes us so unique and special.

I could write a book…and make money. I know people want to “know” who I really am.

But instead, I decided to do something a little different…

This is something I’ve battled for years. I’ve started writing…then stopped, started and stopped, numerous times. Was it timing or fate? I just didn’t know.

Recently, I made a choice to follow my heart, and share my story in a way that will inspire others and empower me.

YES, if you’ve known me for awhile…it will make perfect sense to you.

I’m going to BLOG my life experiences and entrepreneurial journey!

I want to share with you, my thoughts, my beliefs, my struggles, my victories, the times I almost quit and what kept me going, and how I went from there…to HERE!

Believe me…you don’t know the half.

I have a story, I’m not ashamed…and I’m ready to share it.

If you want to follow my journey, understand me better…I invite you to follow my new blog, Inspiring To Success…

Inspiring To Success Blog is not just a way for me to share my life, but to share my experience with the hope of inspiring you to success.

Through this blog, I want to encourage you to persevere and persist through your pain so you can pursue your passion and discover your purpose!

If you would like to join me on this path to transparency, Click Here and subscribe to Inspiring To Success! I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

The Story of My Life…
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Tamyka Washington is a wife, mother to seven, and home business mentor. She shows passionate women and mom entrepreneurs, how to build their brand and business online so they can prosper by doing what they love! Find out how by clicking here now.

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