31 Days of Dynamic December


“Momentum isn’t created by magic, but by consistently marketing.”


When it comes to building your business online, the one thing that sets apart those who get consistent results and those who don’t is momentum. How many times in your business have you been excited about a new product or service you offer, so you start sharing it all over the internet?

Day after day and finally, you get a sale, or someone contacts you. You keep at it and…BAM, it happens again, and again.

You are so pumped you keep promoting and advertising. THEN, life happens…and you stop going so hard. You got a few sales, you’ve got a few people to follow-up with, so you slow down.

Next thing you know…nothing.

You wonder what happened. Not realizing what you’ve done. You killed your momentum.

What a lot of entrepreneurs don’t understand is that MARKETING is everything. It is the biggest part of building a business. If there is no marketing, you have no business. We can’t stop doing it because we are tired. We can’t stop doing it because “life happened”. Building momentum in your marketing is a method that must be applied daily or else, you lose it.

Sales dry up and business stalls. If you are serious about growing your income, you’ve got to learn effective strategies to market on a consistent basis. Whether you feel like it or not, no excuses…get it done!

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Day 27 – Building Momentum in Marketing
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