Mindset of an EntrepreneurThere is something very different about an entrepreneur.

We look at things differently than other people. We see opportunity every where, and in my opinion, our minds just operate in an unconventional way. If you understand what I mean, you are probably an entrepreneur!

You may also agree that it takes a certain kind of individual to exist in our realm.

It’s so much more than having received a certain kind of education, training or skillset. It is not built into our DNA to conform to the way we’re “supposed” to function in society. We simply cannot grasp the mundane existence that the majority of people have adopted.

There is an ability we own that motivates us to not settle for what is…but instead, create what can be!

The distinct mindset of an entrepreneur

I tend to surround myself with other entrepreneurs. Duh, why wouldn’t I…since they function like me. We challenge each others thinking, we inspire each other to stretch further because we know good and darn well…

Possibilities are endless and limitations only exist in the mind. {Tweet This}

8 Characteristics of Entrepreneurs

#1 – They are decision makers. When an opportunity presents itself, an entrepreneur will do their due diligence and make a decision, based on their overall goals and desires. It’s never some long drawn out process. Either it makes sense to move forward or pass.

#2 – They take immediate action. After an entrepreneur makes a decision to move forward, they get down to work. There is no need to wait to get going…we are fully aware that procrastination is the residence of excuses, and the result of fear. So, what reason is there to wait?

#3 – They have an inability to quit. If an entrepreneur says YES to a deal, it is because they see the bigger vision. We already see the end result which inspires us to keep going until we get the desired results we are working for in the first place. Quitting on a dream is giving up on yourself and there is not one entrepreneur I know who would ever quit on themselves.

#4 – They don’t play the blame game. Entrepreneurs tend to take risks average people will not. We don’t always “play it safe”. We think outside the box and not only have a vision, put we recognize that matched with our effort, the potential we are building upon will bring us to the level of success we are looking to achieve. We run into bumps and setbacks along the way, but a true entrepreneur would never blame someone else for what goes wrong. We accept what it is, quickly find a solution, and keep it moving.

#5 – They are selfish…in a good way. As entrepreneurs, we know that time is the most valuable commodity we have. It just doesn’t make sense for us to hand it over to people, activities or things that cause us to waste it. We have an objective, and because of the level of commitment we dedicate to what we do, we don’t see the need to entertain anything (or anyone) that will keep us from our goal.

#6 – They fight for themselves. Entrepreneurs know that in order to be successful in their endeavors, there are personal qualities they most possess. They eagerly work on developing themselves before anything. That means they spend more time building themselves, then building business. Personal development is priority number one. We are our own greatest cheerleader, mentor, and advocate. No one else is going to go as hard for us like we will…because nobody else could ever understand our reason WHY we fight.

#7 – They are creative and resourceful. One thing an entrepreneur lives by is the notion that, you don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great. An entrepreneur can create something out of nothing, and use their natural gifts and talents toward whatever resources they currently have access to. Whatever we need to move to the next level, we can make it happen…no excuses.

#8 – They simply don’t care. Don’t get me wrong, entrepreneurs care a great deal about many things…what we don’t care about is the opinion of others. The reason is, we already know in our heart of hearts, we were built for this! There is nothing anyone could say or do to change our mind, or convince us otherwise. We are fully aware that a negative or doubtful comment is not a true impression of our inabilities, but it’s really a self projection of those making such statements.

There of course, is so much more that makes us tick. These are just a handful of traits that make up the mindset of an entrepreneur. People who say they want to be an entrepreneur, don’t necessarily understand the GRIND.

We embrace the real life ups and downs…but love every minute of it!

How about you? What are some characteristics could you add to this list? Share them in the comments below…

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The Mindset of an Entrepreneur

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