Learning From Your SetbacksHow many setbacks have you experienced on your entrepreneurial journey?

My guess is many…

The truth of the matter is, we all have them. Each of us goes through hard times in our lives, which affects our business.

Believe me, I’m no stranger to setbacks.

I think sometimes we have a tendency to look at other people, and only see the ‘good’. We see their success, we see their growth, we see their happiness and see them living a freedom lifestyle…but, rarely do we see the struggle that came before all of that.

We don’t know the back story of where they really came from.

In my years in this industry, I have had my share of trials and setbacks. I have faced situations that seemed impossible to move forward from. There have been numerous times I felt like quitting and thought I had no other option but to give up…

And at those times, I would shut down…and be alone…and pray.

I would start to recognize in those moments, that whatever I was facing at the time, though it may have appeared to be a setback…it was really a set up!

You see, if we start looking at our struggles – whether in life or business, as a test of endurance, instead of a failure…we are better able to face the situation head on, make an assessment and determine our next move.

Start to see each negative situation as a stepping stone, designed to empower and strengthen you, for your next level of success!

It’s a mindset.

You have a choice in how you handle a matter. You can either fold and let your feelings get the best of you…OR, you can acknowledge the FACTS and pick yourself up and press on.

As entrepreneurs, it can be easy to feel alone when we deal with a setback because often, our family and friends don’t understand what we are doing anyway. That’s why it is important to stay connected with others who are like-minded, and can relate to you.

If you are dealing with a setback or facing obstacles in your business…watch this short video and get a few tips to apply to your situation and get back on track!




Learning From Your Setbacks
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