Work at Home Tamyka WashingtonNo matter what the reason is for wanting to work from home, there are a few important things you should determine before you ditch the day job. Naturally, the first thing you want to consider is whether or not working from home is even the right decision for you.

The idea alone makes so many of us feel all warm and fuzzy inside as we envision the idea of plopping down in front of the computer at noon time, still in our pajamas and checking email as the fruit of our effortless labor pours on in. If you ask me, or any of my work from home peers, you will find this is FAR FROM our reality.

It is a LOT of work!

In fact, if you are unable to see yourself bringing a vision to life and making it concrete, primarily by yourself, you may want to rethink if starting a business is right for you. Personal investment is required, whether that is money or time, either way you have to be willing to commit to learning how to run every aspect of your work from home experience.

Can you see yourself surviving for months (maybe even years) without a steady income? If not, becoming an entrepreneur and working from home is probably not for you. Now, I don’t want to be the one to discourage you because there are many entrepreneurs, making it happen!

What does it take to make it happen?

It begins with commitment.

Once you decide to buckle down and get to work, doing the daily tasks needed to earn an income, you take ACTION.

Because of the internet and social media, making money online has become a lot easier. Where many entrepreneurs struggle, and often quit, is when it comes to putting into place, the process and systems that will automate and simplify their online marketing.

We all want to become an entrepreneur because we envision a freedom based lifestyle. One that gives us back our time (and sanity). But, how can we have that lifestyle if we are glued to a laptop or mobile deviceĀ all day…working?

You’ve got to learn the methods and strategies that will make your time working from home, more efficient. That way, you can spend more time focused on doing the things you love.

Since 2002, I’ve been working from home full-time. In 2009, I started my online consulting business and began helping other women and mom entrepreneurs learn how to use online marketing to start or grow a business using blogging and social media.

Being a mom of 7, spending time with my family is my priority and my time is valuable. The business model and system I use provides me the freedom to work less, market better and grow my client base with very little effort.

If you are tired of struggling, feeling overwhelmed and are ready to finally have a profitable business online, learn how using this online business system, and how having the right tools in place, can drastically leverage your income and increase your sales, all through automation.


Is Working From Home the Right Move For You?

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