Information OverloadThe internet can be a powerful resource, and an overwhelming one, all at the same time.

Powerful because you can learn anything about everything. Overwhelming because…well, you can learn anything about everything.

With access to all that information, it can get downright confusing.

Mixed in with all the helpful stuff, there is even more that is completely useless.

Then, you have to determine which is which.

For someone who has just made the decision to, “come online” to start or grow their business, figuring out where to begin is a challenge within itself.

It’s no wonder why so many people become overwhelmed so quickly. So much so, they become paralyzed and do nothing.

Want to know the CURE to information overload?

Keep it simple!

Before you even think about using the internet to market your business, you need to determine your overall goal(s).

What is your purpose for getting online? Is it to build your brand? Expand your customer base? Build a global team?

Once you determine your purpose for using the internet, and have a clear goal…you can move on to coming up with a strategy to help you accomplish your goal.

Building your business using the internet requires 3 things of you – getting traffic, generating leads, and turning those leads into sales and/or sign ups.

How can you do this and incorporate it on daily basis?

Know Yourself – When you know who you are, you can confidentially be yourself. This gives you the freedom to be genuine as you connect, and build relationships with people online.

So many people adopt the idea that you have to change who you are, in order to improve upon what you do. Of course you have to change and develop your mindset, your skills and your strengths. These things are essential to your growth and success.

However, changing who you are – your core beliefs, your purpose, and your values, is detrimental.

The first thing most people do when they take the “internet dive”, is follow as many industry leaders and experts out there. They subscribe to all these different lists, get bombarded with a ton of emails, all preaching different strategies, methods and techniques.

Some say do this, while another will say don’t do that. Wonder why you’re so confused? Just another result of information overload.

Who should you follow, or “listen” to?

Pick someone who is doing what you desire to do, the way you want to do it!

Keep it simple!

The person should share similar beliefs and values as you. After all, you will be modeling their style until you have developed your own.

The key is to remain true to yourself. If it doesn’t “feel” right for you, don’t force it because more than likely, it’s not in alignment with who you are. That’s okay. You have to do what works for you, based on your strengths.

Don’t get sidetracked, or caught up with what other people are doing.

Your purpose is predestined…stay on course!

Set Your Daily Focus – Again, building your business online means you must learn the basics – getting traffic, generating leads, and turning those leads into sales and/or sign ups.

The strategy in which you do that will vary, and will consist of the way(s) you will use to connect and communicate with your market. It could be social media, blogging, video, podcast, face-to-face, webinars, live events, etc.

This goes back to what I mentioned earlier, doing what works for you. Choose one strategy, learn it and master it…meaning you are getting consistent results.

Seriously want to overcome, or avoid information overload?

Choose ONE strategy before moving on to something else.

How do we learn to succeed? Practice makes perfect.

Wait, let me rephrase that…CONSISTENT practice makes perfect.

Stop trying to be “Sarah Social Media” or “Gary Guru”. You don’t know how long they have been doing what they are doing, or how hard they worked to get to where they are now.

Don’t think you can start from the bottom and become an instant success overnight…ain’t gonna happen!

You gotta do the work just like everyone else. No matter how long it takes.

Work Smart, Not Hard – Don’t get it twisted, you will have to put in work…especially in the beginning. But, as you develop your skills, you will learn how to implement systems to simplify, automate, and leverage your efforts.

That’s what creating Life Freedom is all about…having the time and financial resources to live the lifestyle you want, by doing what you love!

Your cure to information overload. Keep things simple, know yourself so you can be yourself, set your daily focus, and implement a system that allows you to work smarter, not harder.


The Cure For Information Overload

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    Love this article girl. You’re so on point!!! Yes keep it simple. Thanks lady😊


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