Let’s be adult about this, how quick do you give it up…you know, your goodies? Are you the type to give it up right away, or are you a bit of a tease and make them wait? When the time comes, do you tend to hesitate wondering what they might think if you give it away too soon?

Seriously, you know what you’ve got and you’re going to give it to them anyway…so what are you waiting for?

Wait a minute…you thought I was being fresh, didn’t you? Now, now…get your mind out of the gutter. The “goodies” I’m talking about giving up are your talents, gifts and the experiences that make up your unique position as a budding entrepreneur.

So, now that we are clear, back to my original question: How Quick Do You Give it Up?

We all have the same goal in business – to attract new customers or business partners, right? I have found that the easiest way to do this is to be quick to give up my goodies!

You see, “giving up my goodies” early on in a potential business relationship allows me to become appealing to the type of people who I’m interested in attracting. When I share my business insight and my personal experiences as an entrepreneur, I become relateable to others with similar interests.

Using your talents and gifts is a way for you to “give up” your knowledge and expertise to help others grow and blossom, by learning through what you share.

Attracting people to your business is simple when you stay real and true to yourself. You do that by sharing your value through content, the things that drive you (your mission) and the things you stand for (your beliefs).

Their is no need to reinvent the wheel (or yourself to drum up business). When you know what you want and what you have to offer, it makes it much easier to give it up more quickly. As you give away your goodies to the right people, you will find they end up eagerly coming back for more and more!


How Quick Do You Give it Up?

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