31 Days of Dynamic December


“Using your unique gifts and talents on your entrepreneurial journey will open more doors to opportunity and abundance.”

Your Gifts and Talents

We all have unique gifts and talents but everyone doesn’t know how to effectively tap into them. Each of us are born with natural abilities. Things we can do exceptionally well. Things that seem almost second nature. If you think hard enough, and pay attention to what others say about what you do well, you can recognize what those things are for you. Once you do, you can begin applying those strengths in your business and drastically increase your potential.

For instance, my family teases me about how particular I am about how I like things in order and neat. When I ‘remind’ them of where certain things belong or how they should be put away, I’m affectionately dubbed ‘Ms. OCD’ (obsessive compulsive disorder). I’ve been this way for as long as I can remember…

However, I don’t see it as a bad thing. In fact, it is a natural quality I have that helps me in my business. I’m very well organized, detail orientated, great at managing my time, and extremely systematic in how I operate my business.

This GIFT – that is a part of who I am, comes so easily to me that I have been able to profit from teaching other entrepreneurs, how to develop this skill in their own business! You see, it is something I recognized many people struggle with but a talent that I’m exceptionally good at.

In my consulting, one thing people always ask me is – how do you manage your time? Quick answer…I use systems to organize and manage my time and marketing efforts. When you tap into your gifts and talents, you can profit from what you know. What seems simple to you may not come that easy to others.

How can you tap into your gifts and talents?

Ask yourself – What is easy for me? What do my friends, family and co-workers come to me for help or advice about? What do I absolutely love to do? What can I talk about for hours? What would I do even if I didn’t get paid to do it?

Get in-tuned with yourself…your work skills are not the same as your life skills – these are the gifts and talents you were born with, not learned.

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Day 18 – Tap Into Your Gifts and Talents

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