Get Rich Quick OnlineSo, you want to be an entrepreneur because you believe it’s the way to get rich quick?

You secretly admire those industry “leaders” you see on the internet, boasting of the monthly six & seven figure incomes they’ve achieved in a matter of months.

While getting rich quick is very possible, the question is, how sustainable is it when your income isn’t built on a sound foundation?

Entrepreneurship requires a combination of hustle & strategy. With more focused energy on strategy, which I will explain in a minute.

The truth is, anyone can hustle and make some money. Heck, my kids hustle me out of money all the time! However, there is a difference between a hustler, and a real entrepreneur.

Follow me now…

Hustle is defined as; (verb) obtain by forceful action or persuasion. (noun) busy movement and activity.

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t become an entrepreneur to persuade anyone, or have to be busy, moving, and active all the time.

Entrepreneurship is a journey, a vocation, a craft that you continuously work on mastering. Not that it doesn’t require “hustle”…but rather, “hustle mode” at times. Especially in the beginning.

You see, true entrepreneurs don’t hustle for money, we develop marketing strategies to build a foundation that creates wealth. The goal is to be consistent in the way we leverage our time and energy, by working smarter, not harder.

Our focus – effective strategy over quick cash.

Making money vs. building wealth

You see, the reality is, most people who pursue entrepreneurship, really want to earn enough money to quit their job, be able to stay home with their children, get out of debt, or just have more money, time and freedom, to enjoy life.

Most people don’t realize that when making money is your motivation, instead of helping others, you increase your chance of failure. As I mentioned earlier, entrepreneurship is a journey. When money is your driving force, what do you do when it isn’t rolling in like you hoped it would?

You easily lose that motivation and determination when setbacks come, because your only purpose was “getting money”. Without a bigger cause beyond yourself, staying inspired to press on becomes a struggle within itself.

When you are always chasing dollars, you start becoming desperate (and desperate acting), which comes out in your conversation and your actions. If you are always trying to hustle a sale, you turn people off…way off.

Of course you don’t want people to believe you only want to make money off them. However, when you are only focused on money, instead of serving the needs of the people, greed and hustle often take priority.

As an entrepreneur, we go into business to create wealth. There is no denying that fact. But, there are much better ways to make a profit, without chasing the get rich quick model.

Develop Yourself

Don’t make the mistake of believing this journey is easy. It isn’t. If you don’t have a passion for helping people, or making an impact in the lives of others in any way, entrepreneurship isn’t for you.

Instead of thinking how can I get rich quick, think…how can I create wealth, and keep it!

Work on strengthening your mindset, building your skills, and developing patience, so you can understand and learn, what it really takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

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Entrepreneurship – The Get Rich Quick Myth

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