31 Days of Dynamic December


“You can’t be an entrepreneur if you’re not essentially an optimist, so I’m an optimist by nature.” – John Sculley

Optimistic Entrepreneur

Becoming an entrepreneur means so much more than being able to write your own paycheck. In the early stages, money can be scarce, resources are limited and failures happen often. It is during that time that many aspiring entrepreneurs, prematurely give up because things aren’t “working” the way the envisioned.

True entrepreneurs know that without a positive mindset, thick skin, and the ability to remain optimistic…they won’t last long on this journey. Those who are transitioning from being an employee to entrepreneur, usually have the most challenges. It’s an entirely different game when you are working for yourself.

Without the right mindset and support system, failure is almost inevitable. If you want to experience success through entrepreneurship, you’ve got to be committed to yourself, dedicated to your cause and vision, and determined to remain focused on a positive outcome.

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Day 8 – Being an Optimistic Entrepreneur

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