Tools to enhance your online brandAre you looking for free tools to enhance your online brand? Would you like to give your online presence a boost while saving yourself time?

Many small business owners and entrepreneurs use social media networks to build their online brand. With a few extra tools, you can increase exposure and keep your brand connected with your audience.

Check out these 4 free tools you can easily use to enhance your online brand.

#1 ClicktoTweet

Clicktotweet is the best, easiest and simplest way to promote and advertise your stuff on Twitter. In minutes, you can write the message you want to share, click the generate button to create a custom link and share it wherever you want!

I love using clicktotweet when sharing personal quotes or tips in my blog posts and emails. It provides a simple way for your readers and subscribers to share your content with more people. This leads traffic back to you.

Example of clicktotweet in a post here on the Marketing Her Way blog.


#2 AuthorSure Plugin

If you own a WordPress blog and have a Google+ account, you should have the AuthorSure Plugin. It enables you to show your face and build your brand in Google search results. Or in SEO-speak, make sure your AuthorRank is contributing to your PageRank.

Some of the ways the AuthorSure Plugin can help you enhance your online brand:

  • Makes it easier to get Google Authorship Verification
  • Uses rel=author, rel=me and rel=publisher links to connect your posts, archives, authors pages, Google Plus profiles and Google Plus pages.
  • Works on single and multiple author sites
  • Supports several ways to link your posts/pages to your author pages: byline, footnote, author box or menu link.
  • Helps you set up your archive pages for Google authorship verification
  • Allows you to add a title, short or extended bio and sub-headings to your author pages
  • Creates links from your site’s author pages to the authors’ Google Plus Profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and Skype as well as Google+
  • Creates a link from your home page to your Google Plus Page for your product, brand or organization
Tamyka Washington Google AuthorSure
Google search result for with AuthorSure Plugin






#3 Buffer

Buffer offers you both personal and yet more efficient solution to handle sharing on social media.

The Buffer App makes your life easier with a smarter way to schedule the great content you find. Fill up your Buffer at one time in the day and Buffer automatically posts them for you through the day. All you have to do is keep that Buffer topped up to have a consistent social media presence all day round, all week long.

It’s free to use with the option to go pro which provides more social networks to connect and post to.

Buffer App dashboard
Buffer App dashboard

#4 Twylah

Twylah is a service, that makes your Tweets stand out. When you sign up for the service, each of your Tweets that you send, will be indexed and displayed on a beautiful branded page for your Tweets.

Not only that, you get a free Twitter brand assessment and action plan to go along with it. If Twitter has been a way you haven’t quit figured out how to use to enhance your online brand, Twylah can definitely get you on the right track.

Branded Twitter page content and topics.
Branded Twitter page content and topics.

Of course, these are just a few of the many free tools available to help you enhance your online brand. Depending on your goals, you can find a way to grow your presence and audience with ease. Many of the resources available allow you to automate which saves you time.

This provides you more freedom to expand your business even while you are working with clients, on projects or enjoying freedom with your family. However, free tools should never replace your interaction and direct connection with your audience. Use these tools as a way to assist you with establishing your brand online.

What are some of your favorite tools you use? Please share in the comments below, I’m always on the look out for great resources!


4 Free Tools to Enhance Your Online Brand

2 thoughts on “4 Free Tools to Enhance Your Online Brand

  • 05/29/2013 at 1:38 PM

    Hi, Tamyka!

    Do you prefer Buffer over HooterSuite?


    • 05/29/2013 at 3:33 PM

      I actually use and LOVE both! HootSuite I use to schedule certain posts and content that relate to my current marketing campaign. Buffer I use to curate content I find that will be of interest to my audience.


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