woman handshakeBuilding a business online or offline requires a decent amount of effective networking…would you agree?

Networking is about connecting with new people and reconnecting with others, on a regular basis. When done right, it is a great way to leverage the connections you make and helps you grow your business.

I’m sure we each have our own ways and methods for meeting new people and eventually sharing our business, but are some ways more effective than others?

My answer is YES…

I have owned a home based business since 2002. I’ve been an internet entrepreneur since 2009. In those years, I have met a lot of amazing people (and a few not so amazing). I have received some of the most heart-tugging emails you could imagine, and some of the craziest too.

I think I have seen just about every ‘type’ of pitch there is out there. And being a marketer, it’s easy to spot the ‘copy & paste’, canned messages we all probably get on Facebook. But, the message I got yesterday really struck a nerve with me….so much so, it prompted me to write this post.

Here is the message:

Pay My Way2












Let me first say this…I’m not even friends with this person nor have we ever had a conversation. This individual does not know me at all, on any level.

My first thought as someone in the home based industry was, is this the way people are now building their organizations, by paying people in? My second thought was, is this really working in the market today?

If so, I’m saddened.

I can’t even call this networking…let alone, effective networking.

I did feel the need to ask a few questions to this person, like – is this working for you, are you teaching this method to your partners who do go into business with you, and is this how you network with people?

And something that was interesting to me, he said YES, this is working for him…in fact, he has done this before…but, NO he does not teach or ask his organization to pay peoples way in.

However, as a LEADER…we lead by example. How can you show others how to duplicate your success if you are not teaching them how to effectively network and connect with other people who may need what you offer?

This individual told me that people think a business opportunity is a scam when you ask them for their money.

I assured him that I have NEVER asked anyone for their money and that clearly, we can agree to disagree because we have two totally different ideas of network marketing.

What I did tell him was that when you take the time to build a relationship with people and determine if your business is a good fit for them, it’s easier to educate them on how it works and address any objections or concerns they may have, which is completely normal.

Then, they are able to make an informed decision and understand that WE are not taking their money, but that THEY are investing in their own business.

Needless to say, I declined his offer and know that his method of ‘marketing’ is NOT a reflection of the company he is representing.

The Lessons To Be Learned

  • If you are willing to pay someone to partner with you in business, be ready for them to do very little. An individual who has the mindset that you can get something for nothing doesn’t understand the concept of business building and may lack the necessary ethical principles needed to last in the home based industry.
  • Building a home based business is not a get rich quick deal or a scheme. It is a legit way to earn an income from home and requires WORK…daily. You have to be willing to open your mouth and share your business and services with other people in order for you to make money…period.
  • If you want a thriving business that will pay you well, be a quality and ethical leader. People will do what you do, not what you say. If you use sleazy tactics to get them into your business, they will blindly follow your example.
  • Operate with integrity and don’t defame the industry as a whole. It’s sad to see the tasteless methods individuals are using to build their organizations. Those who are successful know how to focus on the key principle in which a home based business was built on – effective NETWORKING. Focus on connecting with the people and identifying a need you can help with.

A few books I recommend to anyone serious about building a strong home based business are, Go Pro – 7 Steps to Becoming A Network Marketing Professional, The Flip Flop CEO and The Four Year Career.

Additionally, educating people on the industry beats convincing them any day. Encourage your potential partners to do their own due diligence not only on your company, but on the industry as a whole. Let them see for their self.

A good place to start is by directing them to, the Direct Selling Organization, especially if your company is a member and, Direct Selling News.

Are you a professional network marketer with a different opinion on effective networking? I’d love to hear your ideas…share in the comments below:



Do You Practice Effective Networking?

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