dumb decision - My Lead System ProHave you ever made a decision that you thought was smart at the time, but then later realize how stupid it was? After some time goes by, you wonder…what was I thinking?

Yea, that was me recently.

A few months back, I came across a community of entrepreneurs. I was first attracted to them because of the internet marketing education, leadership development and training platform they offered.

I quickly began to see it was much deeper than that. These are a group of people who truly embody the same spirit of life freedom and lifestyle design, as myself.

The vibe was just different.

In fact, what they offer is everything I was looking for when it comes to the resources, education, tools and training to grow any business online. So, I joined!

I was impressed by the leadership, the quality of training provided and of course, the marketing system (so my thing!). I knew that this community, My Lead System Pro, was something I could totally share with other entrepreneurs and marketers.

MLSP Provides Solution for Internet & Network Marketers

I found my groove pretty quickly, and started using the tools and applying the training to generate more leads for my own business. But after a few months…I couldn’t shake the fact that the one thing they didn’t have, was something so key to building a business online.

The one thing, every entrepreneur needs to establish a brand and presence on the internet.

My Lead System Pro didn’t have a way for people to BLOG.

It’s one thing to have lead capture pages, autoresponders, a top notch customer relationship manager for follow-up…all things we need…but NO BLOG.

I knew many people who needed the training MLSP provided who were just getting started online, or needed their own virtual space…but they also needed a blog platform.

The Marketer in me prefers things to be simple and flow, and to be honest, a system without a blog platform just didn’t make that process easy for everyone.

Enter my stupid decision…

I jumped ship.

Then It Happened

A few months later, I heard on a training (I stayed plugged in), they were launching MLSP Sites. Yes, they would now have a sophisticated blog platform – WordPress I might add, available to My Lead System Pro members.

So imagine how dumb I felt.

But, when I saw this video, I knew I had to swallow my pride and get my butt back in the game. So I did!

Take a look for yourself:

Take the 10 Day Trial with My Lead System Pro

Do you see the value yet? If you know you need a blog to build your brand and business online, MLSP Sites is a good choice.

  • Enterprise hosting for your blog (you own it)
  • Pro plug-ins pre-installed (MLSP paid for them)
  • Rob Fore SEO settings done for you (you get them free)
  • Premium theme of your choice (MLSP paid for them) 
  • A complete WordPress training portal (MLSP pays for it)
  • Point your domain to their servers (MLSP shows you how – no tech required)

Ready to create your blog? Start your 10 day trial for full access here.


The One Dumb Decision I made
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Tamyka Washington is a wife, mother to seven, and home business mentor. She shows passionate women and mom entrepreneurs, how to build their brand and business online so they can prosper by doing what they love! Find out how by clicking here now.

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