Do you sometime have a hard time trying to figure out how you should BE online? It’s different when you leave your house…you know what you’re going to wear, how you’re going to fix your hair and do your makeup.

Depending on how you feel, the weather outside, you can get in your vibe and just…do you! When it comes to creating your social media presence online…your persona, it can be a bit difficult.

We get caught up in the idea we have to BE super professional and appear extra educated in order to attract business. Then, we find these awesome people online with thousands and thousand of fans and followers and we think…“if I could just be like…so-and-so, my business will grow” or “if I just talk like such-and-such, I can attract more people”…ever feel like that?

Don’t lie…I used too (*smile*). It’s pretty normal. Many people find someone they really respect online, someone they want to model their business after, someone they want to be just like when they grow up…

So they end up adopting their online persona. They use their words, copy their writing style and guess what? After a while, they lose their identity, their original passion and forget the purpose of their own business because their vision has become that of someone else.

Let me tell you something…

It is OKAY to be you! You have your own unique style, your own charm, personality and charisma. If you want to get noticed online…you can’t be afraid to be yourself!

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Do You Have Social Media Style?

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