Declare Your DestinyCan you believe that the last month of 2014 is upon us?

Are you ready and prepared to take your life and business to the next level?

December is all about making the decision to Declare Your Destiny!

If you have been stagnant or struggling in certain areas of your life and business, it’s time to do something about it. You can either continue to make excuses, or choose to make a change. Right now, you may be thinking about all the negative situations that are happening in your life. Now is when you must begin to take back control over your thoughts.

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.
– Willie Nelson

For many of us, focus is a struggle. Not just in our business, but what we focus on, on a daily basis. It’s become a habit for a lot of people to see everything they don’t have or what is going ‘wrong’ in their lives. Actually, it’s kind of easy to get caught up in the negative things. But realize this, the more energy you give to negative situations, the more you attract those very things, into your life.

Our thoughts have great power. The more you practice and work on changing your thinking and the way you see things, the easier it becomes to recognize when your focus is shifting to something that does not align with what you truly desire for yourself.

Are you prepared to Declare Your Destiny?

I hope so. That is the theme for the entire month, right here on my blog! I’m ready to make some grand things happen in my own life and business in 2015, how awesome would it be to share the journey with others!

Here is an exercise for you:

  • DECIDE what it is you want. Write it down. (not what you don’t want…focus on the positive)
  • DETERMINE what you must do to make it happen. Write it down. (don’t worry about the how…focus on the what)
  • DECLARE what it is you will achieve. Write it down and speak it daily. (think and believe as if you have it)

Keep what you wrote down near you or where you will see it every day. Look at it, read it, speak it aloud. Make it one thing you will commit to doing during the month.

Here is what I’ve decided to do:

During the entire month of December, I will be sharing a daily post that will not only empower your mind, but inspire your actions…at least that is my hope. Just some food for thought and motivation to get you through the day.

If you could benefit from encouragement, and are interested in creating the life you desire starting NOW, click here so you won’t miss a a single post in the 31 Days of Dynamic December series.

Want a little accountability? Share how you will Declare Your Destiny in December…I’d love to hear what you are going to manifest in your life!



Declare Your Destiny
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2 thoughts on “Declare Your Destiny

  • 12/04/2014 at 7:47 PM

    “Declare Your Destiny”… yesssss! Such a powerful title and mantra!

    Hmm… I am manifesting new energy in the form of new people and stronger relationships. Energy will fuel anything and everything else I could possibly think of!


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