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Have you been trying to figure out what you should be doing on a daily basis to grow your business?

You’d be surprised at how simple this can be (even though it sounds like it takes a ton of effort to design)

Your goal as a business owner is to get eyes on your product, service or opportunity…every single day. How you do that varies, depending on you and your goals.

To keep things simple. You should determine how many people (leads), you want to get in front of your offer. Set a goal for yourself. If you want to expose 5 people per day, let that be your daily focus and goal.

Do these 3 things daily to grow your business:

#1 – Connect with new people

  • Having face-to-face conversations, or phone conversations to touch base or catch up with friends, associates, or family you haven’t spoken to in a while. Have a regular conversation and the natural flow will lead you to ask, what have you been up to lately? Or, what’s new with you? Most people will reciprocate, giving you the opportunity to talk about your business (NOT) sell.
  • Using Social Media is another way to connect, and get to know new people. Through groups, other pages, and inbox messages all work to meet and engage with people. It’s NOT about spamming your links or business…you are focusing on meeting someone new, and establishing a relationship.
  • A more advanced method, is lead generation. This is about attracting people to you – using social media, videos, blog posts, etc., as a way to “guide” them to a capture page with an offer, to opt-in to your email list. Once they are on the list, you would have a series of pre-written email messages, scheduled to send out automatically, over a period of time.

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#2 – Nurture relationships with leads & customers

Follow up, and staying connected with your leads and current customers is such a vital part of business. It should never be about a one time sale, but rather developing a customer for life.

This is the stage where you can really get to learn your prospects, because they start to open up to you. For a friendship or love relationship to work, regular communication and trust needs to be involved. The same applies to business relationships.

A few simple ways to stay in touch with customers and prospects to encourage dialogue:

  • Phone calls
  • Direct mailings
  • Inbox messaging
  • Emails

Any form of ongoing communication to keep the relationship growing is key. Business is about people, and realistically, most people will not buy from you at the first point of contact.

#3 – Sell your products/services

Naturally, most entrepreneurs want to sell immediately. However, this is step 3 for a good reason. Nobody likes to be sold to, but people do like to buy. They just prefer to buy when they feel comfortable, and when they are ready.

Usually, that occurs when they feel you are someone they like, and can trust. That’s why it’s never a good idea to lead with the sale (unless they’ve come to you ready to buy).

Selling your products and services becomes almost effortless, when you have first connected with the right people, and have established a relationship.

With the various methods of relationship building you’ve done, you have positioned yourself to present your offer, and in return, receive the least amount of resistance. This makes closing the actual sale, much easier on your part.

Quick Recap

Your marketing plan should consists of producing daily results around three activities…

  1. Connect with (X) amount of NEW people each day, to build your audience.
  2. Communicate with (X) amount of prospects and/or customers each day, to engage with your audience.
  3. Present your offer to (X) amount of people each day, to produce sales.

No need to overcomplicate anything. Keep it simple, stay consistent and you will begin to create results. Action and productive activity, is the key to success.

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Create A Daily Marketing Plan In 3 Steps

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