Over the past several weeks, I shared 7 ways to create different types of content for your blog. In week 8 of the Content Marketing Series, you will see how you can use teleseminars as a way to use fresh content for your blog.

The All Mighty Teleseminar

You’ve just done another teleseminar!  Awesome.  You’ve got the audio recording and you’re sending it out to all the people who signed up to listen to it, whether they made it to the live call or not.  That’s great. I don’t always get to listen live to calls I sign up for and really like getting the recordings so I can listen to them later.

You save the recording in a folder on your computer, another great call and you are on to other things.

That’s it right? You’ll do more, no big deal.  You had a really great offer for a new program or product you are launching at the end of the call and now it’s time to see who signs up for the offer.

It’s fine and dandy, but you are missing such a piece of the pie.

A BIG piece.

I like to think of teleseminars as the motherlode of content.  Seriously!

Did you ever think about what you could do with just that one piece of content? No?  Well, let me tell you. (I love this part!)

Teleseminars, teleclasses, whatever you want to call them, are one of the best and easiest things to repurpose. The reason I call them the motherlode is because there are SO many ways you can repurpose them and I’m going to tell you what you can do.  Cool huh?

1.  Okay, first thing, get the teleclass transcribed.  Regardless of what you are going to do, having it in text form will be the easiest way to go.

2.  Now, there are several things you can do here.  First, when you send out the recording for the call, you could also send a copy of the transcript.  Here is why: Not everyone likes to listen to recordings. Not everyone likes to read. But you would certainly be reaching a larger audience if you had both.  Go figure!  Hey, pick me! I would much rather read something than listen to it.  You could send it out as a bonus to your call.  Everyone likes free stuff don’t they?

3.  Have your transcript edited, design a cover, throw in some great graphics, headers, footers and create an ebook.  I know, easier said than done but with a little work, you could have a great ebook you could use as a bonus offer on your next call, product or program, opt-in, whatever you decide.  Add your Call to Action at the end and you are done!  The great thing about an ebook is that you can use it over and over again and make changes anytime you want.  Update your CTA with whatever new product or program you are launching.

4.  Most teleclasses cover 3 to 5 topics or bullet points. You can take each one of those bullet points and create a handful of articles or blog posts. If you have an open Q & A at the end of the call, use the questions people ask as another article or blog.  Then repurpose those for your ezine.

5.  You can use the content in each one of those articles or blog posts as tweets, not just the title.

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Content Marketing Part 8: Turning Teleseminars into Blog Content

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