If you have been following this Content Marketing Series, you will have surly discovered by now the many ways you can blog without limiting your content to only articles.

In part 7, discover how using your creativity to create powerful presentations can drive engaged traffic to your business blog.

SlideShare is an untapped platform content marketers are using to drive traffic to their blogs. Consider it like the YouTube for slide presentations. With nearly 3 million unique visitors a month, it may be worth your while to consider adding it to your content marketing campaign. It is mainly targeted towards small business owners and is a great marketing tool for many B2B companies.

Maybe you are not comfortable with creating videos. Or maybe you are tired of YouTube and you want an alternative. Regardless, SlideShare offers a simple way to boost your content marketing campaign without a lot of money or time investment.

How can SlideShare benefit your blog efforts?

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Content Marketing Part 7: Turning Presentations into Blog Content

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