video marketing: laptop with camera tripodAs we continue on with the Content Marketing Series, this week I want to encourage you to find your voice. When it comes to blogging and creating content to share with your audience, don’t feel you have to be stuck using only one method.

Be yourself and allow your personality to shine through in a way that is comfortable to you! In part 5 of this series, you will discover different ways to use video and its value to build your brand and credibility.

By LeaAnn Morris

If you are new to creating videos it can be a little intimidating. Appearing in front of a camera can cause anxiety for some while others are a natural. Just remember that overcoming your fear of the camera is a must if you want to brand yourself in today’s Internet world. Speak directly to your audience and it will become easier in time.

The hardest part may be trying to figure out just what type of video you need to create. There are several options to look at when it comes to creating video content. Here are seven ideas that may help you to get started.

•    Article Videos

These are the easiest to create. Use any written article and turn it into a video. You can do this by using power point slides and adding an audio narration of the text. If in the beginning you are a little leery of adding a personal narration try using a music back ground until you become more comfortable.

•    How to Videos

These types of videos have become quite popular. The subjects for this type of video are endless. They can include topics on everything from teaching someone how to build their own website to showing someone how to make their own videos. Use this type of video to boost your own business. By creating a video of what you have to offer and how to use it, prospective customers can get a bird’s eye view and may be more apt to purchase what you have to sell.

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Content Marketing Part 5: Using Video to Build Your Brand

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