31 Days of Dynamic December


“Your circle of influence will either hurt you or help you, choose wisely.”

Your Circle of Influence

If you aren’t feeling very successful in your business or are lacking results, you may want to check your connections. I don’t mean your internet connection, I’m referring to your personal, circle of influence. The people in your circles who have a level of influence over your life.

Believe it or not, the people you interact with the most, impact your thoughts and decisions. Hopefully that is a good thing, but most times it’s not.

When the people you associate with are driven and determined for success, they lift you up and inspire you to reach higher on your journey. However, if they are always speaking against what you are doing or want to do in your life, they are transferring their disbelief into your subconscious mind.

Though you may not be aware, you now carry with you, those same doubts. Because it is on your subconscious level, you experience lack in your business because you have convinced yourself that the limiting beliefs of others, are also yours. You may begin to procrastinate or make excuses for why you cannot do something, or should do something.

As you learn how to train and shift your mindset, you will be more aware of the people and words that you must detach yourself from if you want to be successful. Separating yourself from your usual connections can be difficult, especially if it is family or those you’ve known for years.

There comes a time in life when we must learn to value ourselves more than the opinions of others. We have only one life to live and we must live it the way we are intended to.

Everyone won’t understand your motivation or your decisions, and that is okay…they aren’t meant to. If it makes sense to you, and feels right, you have to move forward.

You have control over who you spend your time and energy with. Your circle of influence will either hurt you or help you. Choose wisely.

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Day 22 – Mind Your Circle of Influence

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