Aspiring Mom EntrepreneursIf you are an aspiring mom entrepreneur, I’m sure you will relate to this post.

Most entrepreneurs run into challenges when starting a business, but moms have a completely different set of challenges the average entrepreneur may not experience.

It doesn’t matter if you are married or single…adding entrepreneurship to the mix of motherhood is downright overwhelming for many moms.

This is something I know firsthand being a work at home mom of seven – six still at home.

  • If you have infants or toddlers, there is no such thing as, “sticking to a schedule.” They demand your time around the clock. The trick is figuring out how to occupy their time so you can fit tasks in, in between.
  • If you have school aged kids, people think you have it good. What they don’t realize is that many moms today, also work a traditional job.

The time you get home, you have to spend time with the kids, get dinner cooked, help with homework, do some household chores, get kids ready for bed, have some QT with the hubby if you have one…and find time to work your business.

That just sounds exhausting.

The problem that most aspiring mom entrepreneurs face is…lack of time, adequate support and proper guidance.

Things that I can no longer continue to watch happen.

I see too many amazingly passionate moms, sit on their dreams because they don’t know how to get the ball rolling. Or, they become stuck because frankly, life gets in the way.

This has got to stop.

September is the month we are going to make a CHANGE, and YOU are invited to be a part of it!

If you are an aspiring mom entrepreneur who:

  • Has tried numerous ‘things’ but hasn’t made any significant money…
  • Wants to start a business but doesn’t know what to do…
  • Is willing to do the work but just needs some guidance…

I strongly encourage you to join me on an exclusive call, September 1st @ 9PM EST it’s absolutely free, all you have to do is register here to reserve your spot.

The information that will be shared during the call is for you if you are sick and tired of not being able to spend quality time with your kids. It’s for you if you are tired of coming home from a long day at work, too tired to do anything else.

It’s for you if you are ready to do something different, something that will change your current financial situation. It is for you if you desperately want your time back so you can actually enjoy your life and your family.

You will find out how you can truly build a business in your spare time and start earning a generous income that will allow you to leave your day job within the next 90 days. You will also have the opportunity to secure your position and lock arms with our team!

I will be working personally, with those who come on board because I want to help you to succeed.

If you have a desire to truly be a mom entrepreneur, instead of an employee…be on the call. Register today.

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” ~ Henry Ford


Changing The Game For Aspiring Mom Entrepreneurs

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