Business Mentorship

“Stepping onto a brand-new path is difficult, but not more difficult than remaining in a situation, which is not nurturing to the whole woman.” ~ Maya Angelou

More than likely, you are on this page because you are seeking a mentor who will offer you guidance and support, and help you start a home based business.

If you are someone who is:

  • Interested in a way to add another source of income to your household…
  • Searching for a home based business you can build part-time, OR…
  • Looking for a way to have more time and financial freedom…

What I have to share with you, may be exactly what you are looking for. But first, let me tell you who I am looking to work with, and why. In the home based industry, the majority of people fail. Not because the “business” doesn’t work, but because the individual doesn’t work.

Business Mentorship with Tamyka WashingtonThe truth is, most people don’t wake up one day and think to themselves, ‘Hmm, I want to be a millionaire, I think I will become an entrepreneur and start a home based business!’

No, most folks are like you and I…we have a need for more money or more time, and have become frustrated in our lives with the way things are going. That’s when you start to think…there has to be more to life than this.

And the search for that ‘something more’, begins..(perhaps you can relate?)

Most people don’t want a mansion, foreign cars or expensive jewelry…we just want to pay our bills, keep a roof over our heads, and have enough money to enjoy our lives and do things with our families, without worrying about how we can afford it.

Believe me, I get it…and if you let me, I can show you how.

Over the years, I’ve noticed that the people who succeed in a home based business, are those who don’t make excuses. They are not quitters, and even when things are tough or not working out as planned, they don’t give up.

Is that you?

You see, I’m looking to work with those who are serious. Those individuals who:

  • Have a strong desire to create time and financial freedom
  • Want to build long term wealth
  • Are entrepreneurial and/or business minded
  • Will work hard for what they want
  • Are willing to invest in themselves and their business
  • Understand referral marketing or are willing to learn
  • Appreciate and value team work
  • Are coachable and follow instructions
  • DO NOT make excuses

If you can agree with the statements above, or are open-minded and able to learn a new mind and skill set, you will make a great fit!

My goal for you, is to help you step boldly into your greatness. In order for that to happen, you’ve got to develop a mindset for success and learn how to release your fears. You see, this is not just “business as usual” for is my passion and purpose to mentor, coach and train aspiring women and mom entrepreneurs.

Are you ready to take the leading role in your own success?

Do you want to live your life by purposed design?

Is a Life Freedom Lifestyle important to you?

If so…don’t put it off any longer. See the bigger picture and imagine the possibilities. With the right guidance, you have an opportunity to create the life you and your family deserve. Let me show you how to make it happen!


Here’s how to get started…

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