building a brand online

Is trying to figure out how to build your brand a struggle for you?

Do you wonder what you need to do to make it stand out?

If you have a business online, you probably understand that for it to grow and be successful, a strong brand presence is necessary.

Whether you are a small business in start-up, or an entrepreneur in the service industry, you need to focus on building a brand online, just like the big companies.

Why is a brand so important?

It’s important because not only does it create visibility for your products or services, but it opens up the connection between you and the consumer. Your brand brings value to your business because it speaks a message that makes people relate.

What truly makes your brand capture the desire of a persons need to want to be connected to it, is your ability to communicate to the emotion of your audience.

Your brand brings together the foundational beliefs and principles of your business with the consumers emotional hopes and desires. (Tweet This)

Building a brand online is how you shape and guide your audiences perception and interaction with your business overall.

11 Practical Tips to Building a Brand Online

1. Stand by your personal beliefs. Your brand is an extension of you. To easily expand your reach, it is vital that your brand be rooted in your core values and beliefs. Being authentic makes developing the connection with others much easier.

2. Know your audience. I’m not just talking about their demographics either. I mean really know them. What are their interests? What are their fears, frustrations, passions, dreams, and goals? What are their personal beliefs? How do they live their lives? What’s important to them? How do they communicate? What terminology do they use? Put your feet in their shoes…and walk in them.

3. Make relationships a priority. Do you know your brand is not about you, your products or your services? Nope! Your brand is about the experience consumers have when they interact with it. It’s how they feel and what they think about when they hear your name. Create an emotional connection by nurturing relationships.

4. Stand out from the crowd. Yes, easier said than done. But, not impossible. It doesn’t matter if you “do” the same thing as a million other small businesses, you stand out by being focused. Keep yourself aligned with the core principles your business was built on. Never be tempted to stray from your purpose.

5. Know what you offer. Okay, so you sell coaching services or nutritional products or web design…whatever. You have to consider this from the consumers prospective. They don’t want what you sell, they want the result or the solution. You have to be able to communicate that through your brand.

6. Master your craft. If you want build an effective brand presence, you’ve got to be committed to growing as an authority in your industry. That means being known for and recognized as an expert in one specific thing. Your customers prefer someone who is highly skilled at what they do rather than being somewhat talented in a variety of things. Be committed and own your market.

7. Develop your social media presence. You know how valuable it is to be able to engage with your audience. Having a strong presence across a select few social networks is the way to build your brand. This provides a free platform to interact with and learn about the people you wish to serve. It also opens up lines of communications and can drive traffic to your business blog or website.

8. Use a blog to gain visibility. Many new entrepreneurs and business owners don’t realize how essential using a blog can be to quickly earn them brand visibility. Those on a limited budget can learn how to blog and get started sharing content to boost their credibility and build their online reputation.

9. Operate with integrity. This may seem like a no brainer, but with the amount of stress and challenges entrepreneurs can face with earning a consistent profit, falling into desperation can lead to some lowering their standards to make a quick buck. If you desire to build a solid and reputable business, the risk to lose it all is not worth it.

10. Be willing to give. With technology evolving at a steady and rapid pace, consumers are able to get access to just about any bit of information or resource they need in order to make informed decisions before making a purchase. Traditional marketing methods are becoming less and less effective, especially online. You must be willing to give to your audience, your knowledge first, before you can expect them to buy from you.

11. Be real and relatable. Have you ever heard the saying, “people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”…your audience is most concerned about – what’s in it for them. Your accolades, education, degrees are no match to the experience and results you actually deliver. The proof is in the pudding. You are a real person who has failed along the way. Don’t pretend to be a know-it-all to win over clients. Be real and show them you are not all about business, but human too.

This list is not even a fraction of the many practical ways you can begin building your brand online. These are just some of the ones I believe are great starting points. If you have a tip you’d like to add to the list, definitely share it in the comments below.


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11 Practical Tips to Building a Brand Online

2 thoughts on “11 Practical Tips to Building a Brand Online

  • 08/02/2013 at 6:05 PM

    Tamyka, this was my first opportunity to read one of your posts. I really appreciate what you do. I especially embraced #3-make relationships a priority, and #11 be real and relatable. Thanks a bunch. Can’t wait to take some time in the book!!

    • 08/02/2013 at 6:14 PM

      Thanks so much Janis! Being yourself, establishing connections and building relationships is what it takes to grow a brand and strong business online. It takes time, but it works!


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