confused womanGetting your business started on the internet does not have to be difficult. The reason why most people struggle with getting set up online is because they are confused by all the different information available.

Some experts say you need a blog, others say you don’t, and should have a capture page instead. Then, there are some who recommend you use both. Makes you wonder, what to do…what to do?

Of course, each one has its benefits when it comes to your online marketing strategy. It’s just knowing when to select the one that is appropriate, and most effective with helping you achieve your desired results.

Choosing a Blog, Capture Page or Both

In this post, I will do my best to clarify for you, the reason why you may need one over the other, or both at the same time.

When I’m in a consultation session with a client who is just getting started online, my objective is to help them identify their immediate goal, and offer the easiest solution. Thanks to technology and tools, we can keep things simple (why people over complicate things is beyond me).

Anyhow, here is my perspective with regards to implementing a blog, capture page or both.

When do I need a blog?

I suggest you start a blog when you launch your business online, or very soon after. Your blog is the marketing platform in which you will establish yourself, your brand, and your online presence.

If your goal is to develop something sustainable, build around your experience, knowledge and skills, you need a blog. If you plan on offering services and want to establish an audience and client base, having a blog is essential to making that happen.

Having a blog provides a way for you to display what you know, in your area of expertise. It also offers prospective clients and customers, a way to find you online, and learn more about you, and your products or services.

When do I need a capture page?

A capture page is generally, the primary way to generate leads. If you are an internet or network marketer, promoting a product or service…you don’t necessarily need a blog to sell.

You can easily set up, and attract your target market online by sharing on the benefits of what you offer. As you capture your prospects interest, you can direct them to your capture page for more information on what you offer.

Using a capture page can work for any business that is interested in promoting a particular product, service or even an event. Your marketing efforts are more exclusive to attracting an ideal target and provides a means to getting quality leads.

When do I need a blog and a capture page?

As I mentioned earlier, you don’t necessarily have to start your business with a blog, but it makes more sense to do so, as it gives you more leverage to grow early on. However, a capture page is a great tool to launch with so you can begin generating leads for your business.

I recommend using both, a blog and capture page, if you are serious about launching and building your business and brand on the internet. Having both elements built into your overall marketing strategy will help you grow quicker and provide better solutions for automating your online efforts.

Having a blog allows prospects to get to know you on their time and, it’s available to market for you, around the clock! When you incorporate a capture page system, you are able to further engage your blog visitors by giving them an opportunity to gain another level of access to you, and learn more about the solutions you provide.

Determine your goals and select the best option

Ultimately, the choice is yours and should be decided based on your goals. In most cases, entrepreneurs and small business owners can benefit from using both methods in the growth and expansion of their online business and marketing.

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Blog, Capture Page or Both?
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Tamyka Washington is a wife, mother to seven, and home business mentor. She shows passionate women and mom entrepreneurs, how to build their brand and business online so they can prosper by doing what they love! Find out how by clicking here now.
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