In 2002, I made a decision to do something drastic. A decision that would change my life forever. The reason why is because I had become tired. Tired of my life and the way I was living. I was doing things that made the people around me comfortable. I was living life…(that’s what “they” called it) being a mom, going to work, coming home taking care of the house…you know the drill.

All while silently suffering with depression and secretly hating my life. Why? Because I was miserable. I wasn’t living, I was doing “what I was supposed to do.” All the while, I wondered if this was it. If what I was doing, was what I was supposed to do for the next 50 or 60 years of my life.

Just the mere thought of that made me sick to my stomach. I hated surviving just to get by. I felt like I was missing out on my life…even though I wasn’t quite sure what that was at the time. What I did know was not being there for my kids the way I wanted to be was not working for me. I couldn’t give them my all because I was exhausted when I got home. I couldn’t go on field trips and participate at school events because I had a job.

Deep inside though, I knew this wasn’t supposed to be my life…

I knew for me, family comes first. My children, being a mom and a wife were (and continue to be) my main priority and I wasn’t demonstrating that by the way I was existing….until that day in June 2002.

I had just about come to my wits end when I met a woman who showed me a way out. She introduced me to a world in which I could create the lifestyle that I wanted and have the freedom to do the things that mattered to me the most.

From that day on, I haven’t looked back and I’m living life on my terms!

The thing is, it wasn’t even a difficult choice to make because what had been presented to me was a way out. At that moment, I became an Intuitive Risk Taker!

What does that mean and how can you become one too?

First of all, an intuitive risk taker is someone who makes a decision based on what they feel to be true (or possible) deep down in their gut. When an opportunity presents itself and you recognize it can change your life, even if you aren’t sure how at that moment…you trust your intuition and you go with it.

Have you ever made a decision like that? If so, you are an intuitive risk taker.

You already know it is going to take a real effort on your part to make it work, but you are willing to do whatever it takes because you believe in the end, it will be SO worth it.

For me, I knew that choosing to start a home based business would give me the flexibility I needed in my life to BE ME. It would give me the ability to exercise my creativity and allow me to write my OWN paycheck. But most importantly, it provided me the freedom to put my family first – the one thing that mattered to me the most.

It is possible for you to create the life that matches your dreams. You’ve just got to believe it can happen, be open when an opportunity presents itself and be an intuitive risk taker…trust yourself. You can’t allow fear of failure or the unknown stop you. You’ve just got to go with it if it feels right.

Stepping onto a brand-new path is difficult, but not more difficult than remaining in a situation, which is not nurturing to the whole woman. ~ Maya Angelou

That’s exactly what I did and encourage you to do the same – go after your, something more! My life’s purpose consists of mentoring women who are at a place in their life when they know in their heart, change needs to happen. Women who want to earn a full-time income from home so they can have more time with their family and the freedom to do the things they love.

If you are someone who takes action and is teachable, learn more about the business mentoring I offer to women who are ready to transition into a home based business and work from home.

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Becoming An Intuitive Risk Taker

8 thoughts on “Becoming An Intuitive Risk Taker

  • 10/23/2012 at 4:16 PM

    Love the quote you used from Maya. So very true! Thanks for sharing, Tamyka!

  • 10/23/2012 at 4:49 PM

    I live more and more of my true life only after taking taking risks.

  • 10/23/2012 at 6:45 PM

    I can soooo relate to this post. As women we so often say our families are a priority, and yet the majority of things we do, including the lifestyles we live, don’t honor this priority. I hope more women will read this post, step out on faith, and join the Intuitive Risk Taker community!

  • 10/23/2012 at 8:32 PM


    This is so true. I remember feeling sick to my stomach too. The risk is definitely better than the daily suffering.


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