Stuck in Start. What do I mean by that, how can one be stuck in start? Well, lately I’ve had an increase in emails from women who are struggling with that very issue. They are stuck in start.

So, I wanted to share this audio post today,¬†in effort to offer some insight, to those women who have started a business or have a business but are stuck in start. Meaning that in their attempt to learn how to develop a business foundation, they have instead, become bogged down by information overload to the point that they aren’t able to do anything at all.

Like many of us getting started online or who have the desire to expand upon our knowledge for growth, what do we do? We turn to the internet and start searching for information. And what do we find? A ton of it. But what happens is, we become so intent on collecting all this information that we overwhelm ourselves when the time comes to actually apply it because now, we don’t know where to begin.

Another issue that arises is our obsession with Social Media and getting caught up with feeling the need to have to be connected to, and follow and fan, every industry leader, in order for us to experience our own success.

This is such a myth….

Don’t get me wrong, we most definitely can learn from those who have worked hard and were able to rise to the top. It’s empowering to know and we’re inspired by their stories but at the same token…to much of anything is never good.

Now, let’s just say you are truly committed to your success and you decide to learn from 5 of the top industry leaders right now. What do you do? You subscribe to their list, you fan their page on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, add their RSS feed to your reader and so on.

Each day, you receive about 3 emails from each of them with all sorts of information. One is telling you to do this, the other is telling you to do that. This one invites you to this must attend, business transforming webinar with special guest “so-and-so”.

In your attempt to keep up with it all and apply all these different tips and strategies at once, its a wonder why you can’t figure out what in the world you are supposed to do. Next thing you know…following ALL these leaders starts to take on a business life of its own.

My suggestion to eliminate information overload is to find just one industry leader with whom you resonate with the MOST. An individual who is moving in the direction in which you wish to go and is someone with whom you share similar values and personal ethics.

If you are not yet in a position to invest in coaching, this person can be an indirect mentor in your business.

So, that brings us to the point of this audio. I want share with you how to design your own solid business foundation that will help you stay focused and able to consistently, grow your business.

What is extremely important to establishing a strong foundation for your business is to get completely clear with yourself and in tuned with your Vision, Mission and Purpose – with your primary focus on serving others.

Defining your Vision, Mission & Purpose should not be self-centered or money driven but come from the passion within you, with unlimited belief and in the absence of fear. This is where you must begin.

This is where the foundational principals of your business will come from. Having an overall vision and knowing your mission and purpose gives you direction to allow everything else, to fall together and work in alignment when partnered with action.

Building on these principals is what also allows you to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and innovative strategic thinking.

By being fully aware of your vision, mission and purpose, it becomes easier to recognize your next steps and develop a strategy and process to move forward and achieve your goals.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on this audio post, take a moment to share with me in the comments below. Thanks for listening.

Audio Post: Are You Stuck in Start?

2 thoughts on “Audio Post: Are You Stuck in Start?

  • 05/07/2012 at 2:13 PM

    Wow! Tamyka you are spot on. We do feel very overwhelmed with info overload and more.


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