stressed out woman at laptopDo you know the people who you are attracting into your business?

Even more so, do you know WHY you are attracting those individuals?

Let’s have a real talk for a moment, shall we?

If you are in business – whether in network marketing, internet marketing, coaching, consulting, freelancing, whatever it is you do…you have to somehow get people to know who you are and see what you do.

Most people believe, getting their ‘face’ in front of everybody is the way to go!

I beg to differ…and here is why…

If you have a particular product or service you offer…more than likely, it is specific to the needs and/or desires of a certain type of person. Let’s say for instance, you are a Business Consultant and you offer private consultations. Your ideal market is NOT going to be everyone…but people who are looking for some sort of business advice or guidance…right?

So, why would you try to market or “attract” everyone to you? Do you know how time wasting and exhausting and frustrating that is? (Believe me, I know…been there, done that…over it!)

You won’t get the results you are looking for because you are not being exclusive enough in your marketing efforts. You see, if you want to attract the right people into your business, you’ve got to be crystal clear about who they are, what they want and most importantly, what they need.

Stop Wasting Time On The WRONG People…

I hear many business owners say, “I don’t want to leave anyone out.” My answer to that is…“YES YOU DO!” Because if you want results – NEW customers, NEW clients, NEW business partners…you’ve GOT to leave the wrong people out.

The easiest way to focus on attracting the right people into your business is to learn their struggles, challenges, wants and desires. Then, you can reach them by showing them how you understand and you have their perfect solution!

How can you do this you wonder?

By being recognized as the “go-to” person in the marketplace! No matter if you are new or more can easily do this by blogging to build your brand online.

You see, blogging for business assures that you control the way people perceive you and your business. It gives you a platform and a voice to speak to those you wish to attract and serve.

Please realize that excluding people is not a bad thing…it is a great thing for you by eliminating the added pressure of trying to target all the wrong people. Build a blog for your business so you can attract all the right people that you and/or your products and services, are meant to serve!

Did this post shed any light for you? Have you been struggling to attract the best people into your business…share your thoughts in the comments below, let me hear from you!

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Why You Are Attracting the Wrong People Online

3 thoughts on “Why You Are Attracting the Wrong People Online

  • 03/21/2014 at 11:32 AM

    I agree that it is better to focus on the right people but sometimes, the so-called wrong people might actually provide referrals. I guess we can control our actions and leave the rest to the Universe. 🙂

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