31 Days of Dynamic December


“After a season of growth comes time to prepare for the harvest!”

day 24

As you move into a new ‘season’…it’s important to keep your focus. It is a season of growth simply because we believe, have faith, and put our hope in the idea that new things will take place in our lives.

This is your season of growth if you claim it. It is a time in which you can begin anew. You can make changes and you can reconnect with your purpose. You don’t have to worry about what others may think or say, it is your season…envision the life you desire and start taking the steps to create it.

Take time to write down your thoughts and ideas. Create a plan of action now, so you can be prepared and able to move into the next season with excitement and clarity. Keep you focus on what you need to do as opposed to how. Once you set it in motion, those things will work themselves out.

Get in tuned with yourself. Put more energy into fueling your strengths and letting go of what does not align with your purpose. This is your life my friend, live it full out…how you see fit. Get rid of the mind frame of questioning the – what if’s. All that you want out of life is in your control.

Spend time reflecting and expressing gratitude for who you are, what you have and what you have accomplished. Appreciate the little things, it gives you the focus you need to attract more into your life.

A season of growth requires you to do your part and prepare for the next season…the harvest!

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Day 24 – A Season of Growth

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