There is always some kind of new challenge emerging online these days, but one that I’m particularly fond of is the 5 in 5 challenge. Have you heard of it yet?

If not, you will soon. Consider this your introduction to a challenge that is literally, changing peoples lives, from the inside out. It is giving people hope again, as they are experiencing amazing results.

If you are here reading this post, it’s more than likely you are a woman and/or mom entrepreneur. We know how important it is to take care of ourselves and our health so we can care for our families. However, in our busy lives, it is something we often, yet unintentionally, neglect.

Who knows better than us that the best gift we can give those we love, is a healthy and happy wife and mom? Will you commit with me to making better health and lifestyle choices?

What is the 5 in 5 challenge

What is the 5 in 5 challenge?The 5 in 5  is a weight loss challenge like no other. It simply means, you will lose 5 pounds in 5 days...guaranteed. It is different from other weight loss challenges because the primary focus is on improving health…naturally.

Now, 5 pounds may not seem like much, but the purpose of the 5 in 5 challenge, is to promote awareness. It is designed to give you the jump start you need, and the motivation to become more conscious of the choices you make concerning your health.

Why I recommend the 5 in 5 challenge

Because it works! In my first 5 days on the challenge, I lost a total of 8 pounds. But, you don’t have to take my word for it, many people are having the same results. However, that is not even the main reason why I recommend it.

The fact of the matter is, weight loss is great, but if we are not focused on our health, we can’t maintain a healthy weight or lifestyle. That’s why I love this program because it goes far beyond that by offering total life changes, through natural and organic, health and wellness!

Iaso Tea 5 in 5 challengeMost importantly, I no longer suffer from chronic migraines or headaches. It has alleviated my back and knee pain, bloating, and a few other ailments. Overall, I sleep better, wake fully rested with amazing energy, and feel great!

It’s very simple to follow. You drink 2 glasses a day of the all natural and 100% organic, Iaso Tea. It’s gentle, yet surprisingly powerful and is used as a colon cleanse, a parasite cleanse, a candida cleanse, a blood purifier and a whole body detoxifier.

Ready to get started?

It’s as easy as…1, 2, 3

1. Make a decision that from this day forward, you will work on improving your health.

2. Visit the 5 in 5 challenge website so you can get all the details.

3. Enroll and get started!

You see, my goal is to help you improve your health and increase your wealth so you can start living your life with purpose! No longer should we be rolling the dice with our lives. Join the 5 in 5 challenge and start a new journey.


“To keep the body in good health is a duty otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” – Buddah


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What is the 5 in 5 challenge?

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